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  1. Retro Fitting Wing Mirrors

    My wingmirros have indicators and puddle lights all read but they are also powerbfolding and they don't power fold
  2. Retro Fitting Wing Mirrors

    Retro fitting wingmirros have door card off on drivers side and I am very lost haha anyone help thanks
  3. Adding St Head Lights To Ford Focus Titanium

    So can I just add them to the 7 pin or does it need rewiring over all Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Adding St Head Lights To Ford Focus Titanium

    Thanks very much for that will they also activate the the sidelights and when I turn them on will they do that the fancy up and down adjustment and then point at the floor Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Adding St Head Lights To Ford Focus Titanium

    no unfortunately because the whole wiring set up is different, so i need to find out what ports 1 to 10 do individually wish it was easy
  6. focus titanium mk2

    so far
  7. i have a 56 plate 2007 titanium ford focus i am having quite a bit of trouble with converting lights, as i thought would have been a straight swap from halogen to projectors but i have a problem of a 7 pin plug on my car not a 10 pin. does anyone no what the wires on the 10 pin are for or even better how it can be done thanks very much for any help given i am ready to pull my hair out