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  1. Wales Meet?!

    It's extremely thin lol, yep just you and me as far as I can tell lol x Evzooooooo
  2. Wales Meet?!

    Love the pic haha I'm swansea too =D Evzooooooo
  3. Wales Meet?!

    I know it's not good, where in wales are you? x Evzooooooo
  4. Newbie From Wales

    Hey Chris and welcome =] I'm in wales too from swansea! Are you going to cruises culture on Sunday? x Evzooooooo
  5. lol it's always the phones fault =] Not sure what else to wrap though?! Evzooooooo
  6. Sorry stupid phone has only just notified me that you commented grrr!! Ye going to keep a picture diary of everything that will be happening getting excited now things are coming together! Not sure really was going to match it to the gel badges lol Evzooooooo
  7. =[ Grrrrr stupid Iphone!! Umm my main mods are my exhaust, alloys, lights, carbon fivers vinyl on some if my interior x Evzooooooo
  8. Dmb

    Your an angel x Evzooooooo
  9. Dmb

    Any chance you can link that? Can't find it anywhere? x Evzooooooo
  10. Members Mug Shots....

    Ye got to have a massive selfie of the family lol... Car keys are a must can't use the car without them lol Evzooooooo
  11. I'm was very tempered to quote that lol but I thought I better not will look like a weirdo haha! Lol cheeky I love my phone.. Apart from the predictive txt of course :) Evzooooooo
  12. Members Mug Shots....

    I can't believe how everyone looks different to how they do in my mind lol! Righteo selfie time :/ me and my pooch =] Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Exactly every pennies counts as they say! What? I really have to take the blame? I'm sure it's all my phone fault lol! Evzo x Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Yep fingers crossed if will help them out, I'm a woman I can't take the blame myself lol Evzo x Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. They raised £1000 each so £3000 all together very happy with that =D =[ awwwwww stupid predictive txt... Evz x Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC