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  1. Spark Plugs?

    Hi I've been enjoying driving again, until this evening, when I got a disturbing smell, I then realised I had trodden in dog poo..... Anyway, I did get an obd reader, which I managed to erase the error code before reading it the first time. All was then fine for a couple of weeks. The check engine code came back on at the weekend. This time I got the code: "P0420 - Three way catalytic converter Bank 1 does not operate properly." Which does suggest the possibility that it may be spark plugs after all. It still misfires, but only at low speeds when I try to pull away in 2nd and am below 10mph, though i'm still getting used to the different gear ratios. Does this mean anything to anyone?
  2. Spark Plugs?

    Thank you for your help I will get an obd reader. The car passed it's last emissions test at MOT (29/1/14)
  3. Spark Plugs?

    Thanks for the replies I'm not in Aberystwyth/Wales anymore. I've recently moved down South to Guildford, Surrey. With the increased population density I was expecting the public transport to be a lot better, hence deciding to get a runabout, as I don't have the time to spend half the day waiting for buses. The other thing is, I haven't found a friendly local garage, where they will answer questions and fix things that need fixing for a reasonable fee and establish a relationship with you. Are there any such places in Surrey? Yes, all the electronics is the big change with 'modern' cars. I have run the dashboard test and the dtc code was FFFF, which I think means no problem. The other thing I did last night was change a headlamp bulb; I was pleased you can still do this, though it was a lot more effort than it was on my old cars! But that shouldn't have messed up the electronics, it was on the drivers side, the passenger side would have involved removing the battery; Brilliant design Ford! Which still doesn't answer my question. It may be an emissions problem, unspent fuel being sent to the Cat' would do that! Is this seriously damaging the cat or just killing Polar bears? I will get a Haynes manual and am intending to service it, but i don't know whether this needs to be done soonest. i shall try and find a local garage and see what they say.
  4. Spark Plugs?

    Hello I have recently bought a 2003 Focus 1.6 LX petrol. I haven't owned a car in 7 years! my last car was an 1989 VW Golf, which rusted away living next to the Irish sea. People suggested that Fords were better now and VW's aren't as good as they used to be... Anyway, I have noticed that on acceleration that the car stutters. Which made me think that it needed a new set of spark plugs fairly soon. Today, however the engine warning light came on. After a little research on the internet, there was the suggestion that petrol may be entering the Cat (Catylitic converter). I don't think I had one of these before. So, my question is, do I need to sort out new spark plugs/ coils as more of a matter of urgency that I previously thought? I think I've a lot of new car things to learn. I'm still wowing over electric windows, power steering (parking is a lot less fun!) and a digital odometer etc Any advice appreciated