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  1. I am in the paper

    cool man this sounds like fun me an my mate hope to do somthing like this one day but on quads,how will you get ome if you give away your van at the end? lol. how did you go about sorting this out then? good luck
  2. Word Association Game

  3. List of items needed

    dont 4get the side skirt ladder,repair hammer, paint brush for the painting of side skirts thou i find roller quicker an looks like sum1 painted over your number plate so dont think that will pass mot,lol.sorry im beein a din i know ha ha.

    yay time of work woop woop get smashed sunday to celebrate jesus yeah baby,think i may go 2 church to thank the lord amen ,allay loolya,
  5. phew that explains why i cudnt read the pm it was doin my nut in fort i upset admin lol.
  6. help girl getting very angry

    are you still angry or happy now?
  7. New Girlie :)

    yo.how be the???
  8. rain water? or did you just wash the car lol. hi
  9. Newwww

    hi welcome car looks nice.love the number plate how much was that then?? suprised if you dont get pulled alot,by the bill i mean
  10. Ka, accident damage

    nothin wrong with a patch up if its done right then you wont notice any problem was there
  11. help girl getting very angry

    im no expert at all and dont have a clue but,your unlucky having to get a new head already with low milage did someone forget to top up the oil for a few months ? ,i think a match and big push on the car out the street should do the job sounds like your spending more than its worth,insurance comes in handy in these times of need not that im suggesting you take these measures lol
  12. faults street ka

    hi just keep an eye on the dodgy driver lol
  13. new new new

    hi noooo another girl in a ka lol only joking :P .hope you get the help you require
  14. ka 96 reg door handle knackerd

    hey ,no1 able to help wheres the know it alls? lol
  15. Word Association Game