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  1. Third year service & first MOT next month

    Why choose Ford or a dealer your car is out of warranty, I have a 64 reg 1.0 titanium X with 17000 miles and went to local reliable garage for 3rd service and MOT £140. Ford wanted £280 and other dealer the same. For £140 got same as Ford plugs/oil etc and book stamp.
  2. 1.0l ecoboost : 100 vs 125

    I have had both. The 125 was the best in 2/3 gear. I had 100 remap using bluefin to 139 but was a bit worried on reading that the gears boxes were different so I removed bluefin and have it 100 and its good. Lot quicker than my 1.6 focus.
  3. Hi have had Bluefin since April this year on my fiesta 1.0 100bhp, cost £332 and comes with a k&n filter. The car is going to be used in a partX for something bigger so removed it and with help from Superchips reset it as it was under 6 months old, so its just as if you purchased new ie ready to go. Selling for £210 so thats a saving of £122 against new, comes with the k&n filter. Easy to use and take off for services etc. This link shows you the gains you make from 100bhp to 140bhp = http://www.mybluefin.co.uk/search?make=9&fueltype=3&model=1&variant=2866 I have it on Ebay if interesrted. Link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282178050662?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks
  4. Should consider swapping out that chrome grille 😉

    1. fiesta1881


      Seen a honeycomb on ebay, how easy to fit?

    2. Cookey09


      Really easy mate! I picked mine up for around £65 on ebay😏

  5. 1.0 ecoboost 100, remap and induction?

    It did go up about £60
  6. 1.0 ecoboost 100, remap and induction?

    I have a 100bhp with bluefin and its great, 3 and 4 gear is where you see the change. Great if you need to over take on the motorway and very easy to install or take off for a service.
  7. 1.0 125 Ecoboost mpg

    I have a 99bhp titanium x with 3000 miles on and after 4 weeks driving I am getting 32-34mpg. Coming from a 125bhp which I had for 2 years I was getting 41mpg. My driving is the same. I am thinking could this be a computer fault or does it need resetting, I know the car was not driven for 5 months before I got it but its sames 32-34 mpg on this engine is low.
  8. I have a 64reg 1.0 ecoboost titanium X and have both puddle lights and a rear view camera, you should also have front and back electric windows, 3 rear headrests and full or half leather seats
  9. 100ps the same as 125ps

    Thanks for all the replys. Maltozo you say " 125PS has higher grade alloy for its turbo than the 100PS - for higher heat tolerances" will this become a issue in the future.
  10. 100ps the same as 125ps

    Hope so as I have gone from a 125ps to a 100 and noticed the difference so tonight I installed bluefin and it feels like driving the 125 again. If the engine are the same than great no damage to it.
  11. 100ps the same as 125ps

    Does anyone know if the 100ps engine is just the same as the 125ps one but with its software turned down. Thanks
  12. Superchips Bluefin - Worth it or not?

    Hi sorry to jump in but I am looking into getting bluefin and looking at the price for my car, superchips £399/demontweeks on ebay £332 is anyone else selling at a lower price or is 332 a good deal.
  13. Bluefin a 100bhp

    Well have PX my 125bhp titanium for 100bhp titanium X, reason the 125 was hitting 44000 miles and the 100 has just gone 3000. Love the car new toys to play with but coming from 125 to a 100 the difference in lower gears and motorways driving is noticeable. Been reading up on here and on google about bluefin sounds great but what about long term effects as I hope to keep car for 3 to 4 years. I know my warranty will be void but is it safe. Cheers
  14. What difference between 125bhp to 100bhp

    Going to take the deal, love the 125 but I do alot of driving and the miles I do its to good to turn down. Had alook around at polo's/ibiza etc 89bhp on a polo and a look inside of a car from the 90s. Fiesta great to drive and from my experience reliable. Cheers for replies.
  15. Have a 125bhp titanium on a 13 reg with 42000 on the clock. I have the chance of getting a 100bhp titanium X on a 64 plate with 2000 on the clock. The question is will i notice the difference. Thank