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  1. Absolute nightmare of a job :( Spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get this bl##dy spring on, gave up in the end 'cos there's not much skin left on my wrist and knuckles now If the steering column is adjusted so that its all the way up and out, the very top of the clutch pedal (where one end of the spring locates) can be viewed through the gap between the column and the bottom of the dash panel; however I couldn't figure out where the other end of the spring locates. Despite the aid of a decent torch and plenty of patience, I was unable to 'feel' for the correct location. Any further tips or advice would be much appreciated ;) Anyone fancy a job????
  2. Cheers for the replies folks :) Went to another dealer today and managed to get a print-out of the clutch pedal diagram from the dealer's EPC, which shows the location of the spring, however it doesn't look easy to get to :( Also spoke to a technician, who tells me that Ford allow them 4 hours labour, as its a 'nightmare' of a job to do without splitting the pedal and master cylinder :o Phoned the original dealer back, only to be told that the quote of £70 labour was incorrect, and that it should be £240 Day off tomorrow, so going to give it a bash myself and see how I get on.
  3. Hi to all I have a '55' Focus Zetec 1.6 petrol, last week I found a small-ish broken spring lying in my driver's footwell. Took it to my local dealer, who confirmed it's the return spring for my clutch pedal, told me it was a fairly common problem. They charged me £3.89 for a new one, however having had a look in the footwell I can't figure out where the new spring goes. Also, access is tight to say the least Has anyone replaced this spring? If so, is there an easy way to do it? Any advice will be gratefully received. Also, a diagram or photo would be great too. Many thanks in advance :) P.S. Dealer service department want £70 labour to fit the spring, told me that a 'special tool is required, sir'. Aye right, just like the buttons on the back of my head!!!! :D
  4. Great stuff Steve, many thanks for this :)
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was ideally hoping to get away from the 66.com mapping software which is in this unit, as its not the best. I've had a look at some of the comments on the rac site and most folk tend to agree that its a bit iffy. Does anyone know if there are any methods of putting another sat nav software, i.e. Tom Tom, Navteq, etc, on to my unit?
  6. Hi to all I have a RAC 215 sat nav, purchased from Halfords at the beginning of 2008, however I'm finding that the installed map software is increasingly out of date, which is very frustrating to say the least :( The map software, dated 2007, is made by 66.com, and is on a removable memory card. I'm led to believe that there are 2 ways to get updated maps: 1) buy a new software pack from the manufacturer; or 2) download free updated software from the 'web onto the memory card. Can anyone point me in the right direction, i.e. where to find the downloadable software and how to update my memory card in this way? Also, does anyone know if alternative/improved mapping software can be installed, i.e. Tom tom, etc, which will run on this unit? Any advice or suggestions will be very welcome :)
  7. Hi to all Can anyone post some step-by-step info on how to remove the front passenger door interior panel on my '55' Focus? There's a rattle coming from inside the door, and its driving me mental , so I'm hoping to whip the panel off and have a good look to se if anything's loose. I've taken the door panel off on my Mondeo several times, in order to reseal it and sort out the numerous water leaks, however I can't figure out the removal procedure on my Focus I would be grateful for any advice, info, or suggestions. Many thanks in advance ^_^
  8. Hi to all I own a 2006 '55' Focus Zetec Climate, 1.6 petrol :) I'm finding that the handbrake is quite poor, in that it takes quite a bit of effort to get it to hold on even the slightest of inclines. I always leave the car in gear as a precaution, however even when applied to the very top of the handbrake lever's travel, it feels as though the car is only just holding, as the rear brakes can be heard to creak and groan :( I'm putting this problem mainly to the fact that drum brakes are fitted on the rear; however I would appreciate it if someone in the know could explain how to adjust the handbrake. Thanks in advance. Gordon
  9. Hi Weazil Rather than the hassle of changing the seats, why don't you get them re-padded by a decent vehicle upholsterer? A few years back, I owned a VW Golf VR6 and found that the drivers seat was extremely uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time as it felt too hard. On a recommendation, I took it to an upholsterer in Edinburgh (Jim Kelly), told him what I ideally wanted, left the car with him for the best part of a day, and he transformed it into a really comfy perch. From memory I think the total cost was around £50, and for that he removed the drivers seat, took it apart, replaced all the internal padding, adjusted the side bolsters, and then reassembled everything back into the car. I've used Jim a further couple of times since then for various jobs, so can highly recommend him. If you're not close to Edinburgh, I'm sure there will be a vehicle upholsterer listed in your local yellow pages, or ask around for any recommendations. Hope this helps Gordon :)