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  1. Both Streetka Door Handles Broken - Help!

    Thanks Rick. I will have a look at that. What is the door card?????Is it very difficult to remove the door membrane from the door, or should I get a helpful small garage, as the door handles was a problem I raised with my Local Ford garage and they said they could do nothing!, They really must be the worst possible dealer in the country, as they also said they cannot replace my cracked back window. I have a soft top and have taken the advice of another forum member and have ordered this on line. I do sound a wimp don't I. But I know nothing about cars other than I love mine to bits
  2. Ka Cabriolet Broken Back Window

    Thank you stoney 871. Found your Imput interesting and most helpful. Why has my local Ford dealer not got this information
  3. Both Streetka Door Handles Broken - Help!

    Hi Joanna Can't help with your problem, but really hope someone answers you, cause I am fearful that exactly the same thing will happen to mine. At my last Service I asked the mechanic to look at my door handles. I am so careful when opening the car, it feels as though they are very brittle and they will snap.Please let me know if you find any help
  4. PLEASE HELP. The back window of my beloved KA soft top has cracked today. Was told by my Ford dealer that spare windows are not available. A whole new hood would be required at a cost of nearly £800.00. Can't believe this, as it would appear that it is zipped in, and why zip the window in if it were not possible to replace. I know nothing mechanical about cars, other than I love her to bits