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  1. steering after rain

    new 4 yrs ago. looks fine
  2. steering after rain

    fiesta mk6, after heavy rain overnight if i start the car and try to steer it's locked, after struggling to turn it left and right it squeals and then steers normaly. it never happens if dry or after the initial lock in the morn?
  3. Insurance Prices 2016?

    go on confused.com and get the cheapest quote then tell your insurance the price,they will match it. my renewal was 200 more than the same companies confused.com quote?
  4. mk5 fiesta cutting out on righthand tuns

    look through these. https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=car cuts out when turning right
  5. 2006 fiesta help please

    hi, my 2006 car was cat d when i bought it so the air con rad was missing so relying on the normal vents for cold air. the problem is i only get hot air when the dial is turned to cold and turn the fan on? is this normal if the air cons broke or should fresh air come in anyway. any ideas? thx
  6. clunk help!!!!

    it does it with no revs just put in gear and press clutch and release to bite. same sound if coasting and touch accelerator but not as loud. all mounts were replaced m1tch.
  7. clunk help!!!!

    my 2006 fiesta has had a clunk for a while now. took to garage who said it was the engine mounts and replaced them all and guess what.... clunk!!!! if i put the car in gear and pump the clutch with handbrake on it does it every time i release the clutch. any ideas what else it could be? please help i'm loosing the will to live.
  8. remove map sensor

    also,should there be a jubilee clip holding the hose to the throttle body?
  9. remove map sensor

    read this on cleaning map sensor http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/diy-do-yourself/130980-diy-fix-ford-fusion-fiesta-1-6l-check-engine-light-issue.html mine is a fiesta but in same place. undone the torx screw but it seems like something on the left of it it holding it in,wont budge. any ideas
  10. clunk!

    right! rocked the engine forwards and back and get the same noise. sounds like its something connected to the underneath of the engine directly under the windscreen? any ideas
  11. clunk!

    fiesta mk 6 2006 getting a metallic clunk on the bite but only if it's a warm day or cars been running a while. doesn't happen on cold winter days until been driving a lot and much worse on hot days. any ideas? suspecting mounts are heating up and going softer? if it is the mounts are there any better ones i could buy.
  12. hi, i need a new steel wheel for my mk6 fiesta. someone has a mk 7 wheel (15" wheel with a 195 45 r15 tyre on. will it fit a mk 6 ok? my tyres are 195 50 r15 but i'm only going to use the steel wheel not the tyre. thx
  13. steering got lighter?

    my 2006 fiesta just had a flat so changed the front left wheel to the spare and now the steering is a lot lighter? the wheel i took off was 195/50/r15 and the spare was 175/65/r14? would this make it lighter? it's always felt heavy to me compared to my friends fusion which you can turn with 1 finger. i was told it's power assisted not power steering? so it should be stiff but then i don't know how it should feel as i bought it second hand.
  14. my mk6 steering seems to judder 1st thing in the morning when i do a 3 point turn to start off,only started happening now the weather had gone cold. is this normal?
  15. cant open my petrol tank no more as the key wont turn the lock. where would i get a new lock? will it have to fit my key or do they open with any ford key.