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  1. dont know if its the same as my 2011 but i moved the plate the boot locks to forward a few mm and sorted mine.
  2. is it possible to adjust fiesta mk7 boot catch? had a rattly boot and wrapped tape around the metal loop which sorted it. just wondering if you can make the catch tighter by adjusting. thx
  3. buy some silicone spray from screwfix 3 squid. spray both sides inside rubber and then move window up and down few times then spray again. will work perfect then.
  4. timpsons have little pop up shops outside asda etc. theyre the cheapest
  5. just scrapped one at 130k for same reason. mine was coolant as stated if its going down its likely that. get pressure tested to find out.
  6. i didn't even know that existed haha. how would i know if it had been re skinned?
  7. theres no record of it being in a crash? its welded either side of door but bonded with glue like stuff all along the door
  8. 2011 fiesta. anyone else had the metal bar thats bonded to the inside of the drivers the door come away? mines rattling like hell. had it fixed once and came away again.
  9. oh ok so it's normal then? i was driving from wales good few miles then stopped at services with engine running it done it quite a lot like 10 times in 15 min? is that because i was stationary?
  10. the sound is in the engine bay front left by where the belts are. sounds like a hiss of pressure build then a loud metallic pop. no idea when it was serviced as just bought with no history but its only done 20k and its manual.
  11. 2011 fiesta aircon makes a random metalic popping sound? aircon works perfect. is this normal?
  12. no, it's standard 82 bhp. was mot'd when i bought it. it stops great and no difference when pump brakes just no resistance when press anything but full.
  13. when i brake in my 2011 fiesta there's no resistance until it's on near lock. like i press the pedal a little and it slows down but it's impossible to know how much your actually braking as there is no feed back until the car jolts as its on near full? i've never driven a car like this,theres always a feel of how much pressure your pressing. are they all like this or just mine. thx
  14. this. use the direction arrows around the ok button then press ok
  15. thx, i've bought a spare as didnt want to destroy tyres with goo! just needed a pump
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