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  1. Thanks for the replies. The garage that repaired the car claim no welding was done and are denying liability completely. I'm taking the car to Ford for a diagnostics test on Tuesday although I have no idea if the test will show how the radio processor and battery stopped working.
  2. Hi All I have a 2009 Ford Focus Style that recently received some minor bodywork damage at the back. The other party admitted liability and her insurance asked me to take the car to one of their preferred repairers which I did. They had the car for 2 weeks and when it was done they dropped it back at my house for me. When I went to drive it the next day the battery was completely dead. I recharged it and drove it for 30 minutes at which point I realised the satnav/radio/cd wouldn't turn on. The next day the battery was dead again despite a good run. The garage had the car back and after looking at it they replaced the battery free of charge and said they would get their audio expert to look at the radio. They also admitted they had to recharge the battery when they had it, up to now we've never had a problem with it. The audio expert has looked at the radio now and he's saying the "microprocessor" has failed which he claims is a known issue at Ford and they have a scheme that will contribute to the repair or replacement costs. It seems too much of a coincidence to me that the garage had electrical problems while they had the car in for repair and MOT, and the radio just happened to stop working at the same time. Possible but unlikely. I phoned my local Bristol Street today and they've never heard of the "known fault" with the satnav/radio/cd. They gave me a Ford number to call but it's £1 per minute. I was hoping someone on here might be able to offer me some advice. Thanks in advance.