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  1. Engine Fault Codes P0607 And P2110

    Focus 2008 1.8 petrol hatchback
  2. Engine Systems Fault message appeared on dash then showed Low Speed Mode. Massively reduced power and engine sputters. Garage read codes p2110 and p0607. P0607 is where a malfunction is detected in Engine Control Module. P2110 is Throttle actuator control system forced limited rpm. Advice would be greatly appreciated. What is worth checking before going down the route of replacing expensive replacement parts which may not be the root cause? If the ECU and/or throttle body are going to be replaced in an attempt to resolve, which is best to try first?
  3. My 1.8 Focus 2008 currently has seemingly exactly the same problem you describe. The dashboard comes up with a message "Engine Systems Fault", and then it goes into a low speed mode with greatly reduced power and the engine sputters. Took it to a local garage and error codes P0607 and P2110 have been read. Likely resolutions advised are replacing the throttle body and/or the ECU. Were you able to establish the root cause of your problem? Did replacing the ECU permanently fix the problem or did it re-appear? Do you know if replacing the ECU without having replaced the throttle body would have done the trick? Any advice resulting from your experience would be massively appreciated!!!