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  1. 133,000 Miles

    I had a pair of wheel bearings done on the back, the others were checked and are fine for now. Cam belt was done by previous owner, and I bought it with 80,000 on the clock so I doubt I'll need to worry about that. The clutch feels surprisingly good, once concern is that the gearbox is feeling a little rough but i have no trouble finding gear, except reverse occasioanlly. I'm reluctant to go buy a car for x thousand pounds and still find it needs a new clutch, brake pads etc when I know exactly what condition my car is and what needs doing so might hang on to it until it falls apart.
  2. 133,000 Miles

    My 55 plate 1.25 Fiesta has now clocked up 133,000 Miles, and, I tentatively say, it drives pretty well. Last few weeks I've had a rattling come from the front off-side wheel since I had the tyre changed, but I've took the wheel off, the garage had tightened the nuts very tight! and checked the brake discs, suspsension, joints etc and couldnt see any rattles, put the wheel back on and now its fine. The engine has sounded a littlle more rattlely lately but I suspect thats because I've let the oil level fall a littlel lower than I'd usually let it go as I'm going to change the oil/filter this weekend. It also idles quietly and revs and accelerates nicely. Other than that it's had the cambelt changed at around 80,000 miles, the ignition coils done around 120,000 and the thermostat housing and front suspension coils in the mean time too. All of which have been surprisingly cheap to fix. I mainly drive motorway/ a roads so the clutch still feels fine *touches wood* and while my driving style is enthusiastic I drive relatively carefully, especially on a cold engine. The main issue other than the clutch or gearbox I worry about is the head gasket- the car overheated last year when the thermostat housing failed and the antifreeze leaked out the car, but I think the ECU saved it by shutting the engine off? I've had no engine problems with it since. I'm at the stage where I'm deciding whether to keep maintaing it for the foreseeable future and drive it until it is absolutely scrap, or sell it now for whatever its worth, £500 with FSH and good condition maybe?, and buy a newer car to replace it. The serpentine belt service is due, and its starting to let me know about it on cold wet mornings, but other than that I can't think of any major maintainance that would need to be done other than clutch or gearbox. Anyone else have a petrol fiesta with a similar mileage? If so are there any major issues you had at around this mileage? I know its a bit of a how long is a piece of string question but if there are others who have had over 150,000 miles from an engine then I might keep it a while yet. I don't need my car as much now as my commute is much shorter than the 70 mile round trip I used to do but I'd rather stil be able to drive my car when it comes to getting rid of it, rather than have to pay someone to collect it and dump it. Any thoughts appreciated
  3. Steering Not Returning To Centre

    hmm ok thanks for the advice. I might take it down to kwik fit for a free check and see, might explain why one of why rear tyres had worn a little unevenly last time... anyone know if it would it be worth putting oil on the u-joint ?
  4. Steering Not Returning To Centre

    It had a full service two years ago which I think included a top-up at least, two interim's in the mean time but neither of those included would include power steering. But that would only explain the heavy steering wouldn't it, not the wheel not returning off-centre? kwik fit did the wheel tracking/alignment the last time I had the front tyres changed, ive had the rears done since at an independent.
  5. Steering Not Returning To Centre

    It seems like every time I go to the garage I get a new problem straight after but... Had someone say the steering felt a bit heavy on my fiesta. Now when I drive the steering wheel doesn't return to the center at slow and medium speeds- seems OK at higher speeds. It stays at around 11 or 1 o'clock instead of going back straight. I can't seem to see much with this issue on the web- garage said it could be u-joint, but that was more for heavy steering. But as for the wheel not returning, read it could need a new rack! Anyone have any similar issue and could this be a job WD-40 could do? I was hoping I could get a bit more life out of the car yet as its on 122K miles and engine seems fine.
  6. Non-abs Wheel Bearing In Abs Car.

    Yes, sorry I didn't specify! It was the read wheel bearing. The mechanic said he was given the wrong part for my car- I'm not sure how its from eurocarparts I was thinking it might be one of these. I regret not doing it myself now but I've read it can be a fiddly job if you don't have the right parts. And he's fixing it again for free obviously so I'm not going to try messing with it for now. So is the consensus that it's safe to drive with for a couple of days until it gets sorted? The abs light is on but I haven't noticed much different in the handling/ braking.
  7. Non-abs Wheel Bearing In Abs Car.

    I thought it was a relatively straight forward job
  8. Non-abs Wheel Bearing In Abs Car.

    Went to garage earlier this week and had wheel bearing fitted. The abs light came on afterwards- mechanic suspected it was a non-abs wheel bearing that was fitted. Anyone had a similar experience, Is it safe to drive in the mean time? From what I understand the sensor won't be able to detect the speed of the bearing, but other than that it should be OK to drive for a couple of days? They're refitting it on Tuesday
  9. Brake Discs And More Issues

    I had an issue with a knocking/ creaking sound when i brake slowly after having a new suspension coil fitted. Rang the original garage and they said I'd have to wait a week to see them. I saw another garage and they said that there was oil on the brake disc from when they replaced the coils- can't remember what type of oil. Apparently it was only on the inside of the disc and the outside was spotless but had dried and stuck on. They recommended I change the disc and the brake pads. Is this necessary? Surely there's a way to clean them? In their bid to find the initial cause of the noise they also said the rear wheel bearing need replacing very soon, rear tyres ( I knew they were getting on a bit) and the steering rack would need fixing as the steering was heavy. I've also been hearing a squeaking from the rear of my car and it's also burning fuel- I might change the Any thoughts? I'm starting to feel like I'd be throwing money at a lost cause with the 1.25 on 122000 miles.
  10. Earlier this week I had both front suspension springs replaced. Now I'm getting a knocking / chugging sound when I brake slowly. The noise is in time with how fast the wheel is rotating. Anyone have a similar problem and any ideas what it could be? Can I return to the garage who changed the suspension and ask them to check it for free?
  11. Endless Reliability Issues

    Ok, that's reassured me a little. I did a lot of the work myself so I've saved on labour in that way. And yes the door moulding flew off on its own accord on a motorway. The good think with ford parts it they're pretty cheap and available. Belt was done before I bought it so if I can get another 20,000 miles from the car I'd be pretty pleased.
  12. Endless Reliability Issues

    My 1.25 petrol car has 120,000 miles and is 9 years old so getting on a bit but in the 2 and 1/2 years I have owned it I have replaced.... From what I understand a lot of these are common issues -Driver side door moulding. -Driver side headlamp fitting. -Thermostat housing. -Ignition Coils and leads. -Front suspension coild spring( did other side as precaution too). -Front tyre due to fault ( admittedly not a ford issue) Does this seem particlarly high for my car, I do mainly motorway miles and don't exactly thrash the thing. I bough it with full FSH and do regular oil changes etc.. Maybe its time I bought something japanese, though it has been a great car for me otherwise.
  13. Platinum Battery?

    i might just get it delivered by europarts, its only £45 on-line price for a bosch battery apparently, the £3 id get for the battery i'd lose on fuel to get there. I'll probably just take the battery to the local recycling centre
  14. Platinum Battery?

    OK, i can't see anything on their website though about trading in the old battery, and how would it work, would I change it in the car park then give them the old one then?
  15. Platinum Battery?

    My car is taking a bit longer to start lately, and sometimes the clock and fuel gauge flicker and restart when i turn the ignition- so I'm feeling I'll need a new battery asap. Has anyone heard of platinum prestige batties? I'm thinking of taking the hassle free option and getting one from kwik fit down the road-otherwise i'd buy a bosch and fit it myself but it would save me a lot of driving to buy and dispose the battery.