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  1. Ah. Thanks for that. I was hoping that there was something obvious that I'd missed in the manual, but apparently not. From my experience yesterday 20 minutes is an exaggeration... It seemed to be going off every 10 minutes or so.
  2. Yes, I did try doing that. It resulted in the green light on the button flashing, which is fair enough, but it also brought on all the usual warning lights to show the ignition was on. I don't like sitting for prolonged periods with the ignition on.
  3. I happened to have to sit for an hour in my new Fiesta today with the engine off. (While my dog had its hair cut as it happened.) Previously when I have done this in my 2013 Fiesta I'm sure there was a position in the ignition key barrel that was labelled 'Auxiliary' and which was a sort of 'half-on and half-off' position. This enabled some things to be powered up when the engine was switched off, like the electric windows and the radio. My new Fiesta has the 'Engine Start' button instead of an ignition key barrel of course, and I am at a loss as to what the equivalent to that Auxiliary key position is. The problem manifested itself today when the radio kept switching itself off every few minutes, which was annoying. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
  4. I have a box of two CEUK H11s sitting on my table, exactly like the ones in the video, (they look good in the video), and beside them are the Osram Night Breakers from your other link. My 'cunning plan' is to ask a reasonably friendly local garage I deal with to put the car up on their lift and remove the front wheels and liners for me. If they have any legal jitters fitting LEDs, I intend asking them to let me do the actual bulb changeover myself, (which is the easy bit once I have good access), after which they can replace the wheels etc. They will then not technically have done anything that isn't 'road legal'. Failing that I might well have to have another bash, but I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for crawling about on the ground out in the elements these days. I just can't leave the fitted halogens working as cornering lamps though; they do look really awful. Thanks everyone for your help and support over this. It is just a shame that Ford don't seem able to include a more elegant solution in their 'Full LED Headlamps' option.
  5. Thanks Martin. I had seen the CEUK video, and indeed CEUK is where I sourced my LED H11s, but their video shows them being fitted to a Fiesta ST, which has a completely different fog lamp installation to that on the standard Fiesta. As far as I know they haven't done a similar video for the standard Fiesta. 🙁
  6. Well, I tried fitting my new bulbs this morning... The user manual makes it sound so simple:- "Use a suitable tool, for example a screwdriver, to carefully remove the wheel-arch liner fasteners. Pull the liner back toward the tire [sic] to gain access to the bulb." This suggests [to me anyway] that the liners merely clip on. The first problem here is that they do not clip on, but are secured by three 10mm nuts and one of those star-shaped screws. Two of the nuts came out easily enough, but the second problem is that, even with the steering at full-lock, there isn't enough space between the tyre and the third nut to fit a socket spanner into the gap. And the same applies to the star-shaped screw; not enough room to correctly align the screwdriver up to it, because the tyre is in the way. And so, contrary to the user manual, I reckon that removal of the front wheel is necessary in order to change a front fog lamp bulb. I don't regard that as the pinnacle of good design, to be honest, and I gave up at this stage. My options, I think, are to try and get the dealer to replace the bulbs, or to go to a local garage and get the job done there. And, as I'm sure neither will fit non-road-legal LEDs, I won't have that option if the Osram Night Breakers are not up to expectation. Not a happy bunny...
  7. Ah, that is reassuring, thanks. Do the LEDs fade up and down when they come on and go off as cornering lights, in the same way that the factory-fitted halogens seem to do, or do they just come straight on and go straight off?
  8. Goodness! However did we all manage without them...?
  9. I certainly hope so; thanks very much for the tip. (If they don't impress I suppose I will have to go 'illegal' with LEDs. (Actually, doesn't that new rule only apply to LED headlamps?) Now that sounds like an incentive to always try to go round roundabouts faster than 18mph! Reverse gear? I'd like to see Ford, or anyone, come up with any logical reason for that... But I always switch my headlights off when I reverse in any case, so I won't be troubled by that particular piece of buffoonery. Thanks again.
  10. I have now ordered myself some of the Osram 'Night Breaker Laser' H8s, so I will see how I go on with those in the fog lamps. While I think about it though, does anyone have any idea if these 'cornering' lamps are speed-governed? What I mean is, do they only come on below a certain speed when one is manoeuvring, or do they come on when driving at normal speed down a twisty-ish lane? If they are so governed, does anyone know the cut-off speed, please? And I assume they only come on when headlamps or side lamps are switched on. Is that correct?
  11. Ahh.. You see, I didn't realise that the DRLs dimmed like that! All these fancy automatic light settings take some getting used to, particularly as it is not easy to see what the lights are doing from behind the wheel... I come from an era when lights had two settings: On or Off. Thanks for that link. I admit I hadn't followed it initially because I thought it was to LEDs. There is still the down-side, presumably, of them making the stupid, unloved cornering lamps even more noticeable. Oh! I really do wish Ford had written a line of extra software to give the option of disabling the things!
  12. No you are most definitely not!
  13. Thanks for that Jon; really appreciated. I am currently not minded to replace the bulbs with LEDs, both for the reason you give and also because I believe that there may now be a requirement that LEDs are only allowed to be fitted in units with reflectors specifically designed for them. But then again I wouldn't be happy with continual error messages if I remove the bulbs either, so it's looking like deciding the lesser of two evils... 😖 What is Forscan? I've never heard of that. At the risk of playing my own devil's advocate, I cannot think of a single occasion when I used the front fog lights on my last Fiesta during the four years that I had it, and so maybe the 'LEDs reflecting fog' argument loses some validity. Also, when I've used them in the past on cars I've never had the headlights switched on at the same time, because they reflex-reflect the fog, being higher, and therefore closer to one's eye-level. But the large, brighter LED DRLs will be on at that level anyway, so... The ideal, of course, would be to disable the silly and pointless 'cornering' function, leaving the halogen fog lights purely for use in fog, but it seems that is unlikely to be an option.
  14. Hi All. Just bought a brand new Fiesta Titanium, (collected on 20th December), and I opted to have the factory-fitted LED headlamps, which I am very pleased with. However, having spent the extra on that option for beautifully pure white lights at the front, when I actually got the car I discovered that it has 'cornering lamps', which come on when the steering wheel is turned, and these are not LED units. So that pure white look that I wanted is compromised by these (relatively) yellowy-cream halogen lamps coming on at one side or the other. They look really naff. If they were of any use I wouldn't mind so much, but they are completely useless. I cannot detect any extra illumination on either side when I am driving the car at all, presumably because they're so much dimmer than my LED headlamps. Does anyone know:- Is there some new EU regulation that requires new cars to be fitted with these silly lamps? Are they the same lamps as the fog-lamps, but coming on independently? (The user-manual is not 100% clear on this, referring to them separately, but I only see one lamp on each side.) Is there any way to disable them without removing the bulbs? If the answers to (1) & (3) are 'No', would removing the bulbs cause any knock-on problems, such as system error messages being thrown up or the like? Thanks in advance.