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  1. Well, just for info, I took my Fiesta in to the local dealership the other day and when I collected it I was told that a 'software update' had been applied, and that it was this software update that was required in order to restore the A.S.S. functionality. I can report that the feature was working again from when I collected it, and it has now been working correctly for a full week, even when we have the interior fan on. (Indeed, it has even operated when we've had the air conditioning on once, which I hadn't expected.) I'm not sure whether I wasn't just being BSed though, because of course it worked correctly for twelve months until June this year without the software update, so why did it need one now? I made the point that I'd not been made aware of the vehicle needing a software update, and asked why, as the vehicle owner, there wasn't some sort of flag-up on the display screen or something. There followed a long rambling waffle which made little sense to me at the time, and still doesn't. The jist of it was 'it's not like a software update on your computer or mobile phone', and while I made the point that in fact a software update is a software update, no matter what it's for, I could tell I wasn't getting anywhere near breaching the BS screen, and I gave up.
  2. Ha! Should've read the manual more closely... Look what I found on page 103:- The system may not shut down the engine under certain conditions, for example: • To maintain the interior climate. [My bold]• Low battery voltage.• The outside temperature is too low or too high.• The driver's door has been opened.• Low engine operating temperature.• Low brake system vacuum.• If a road speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) has not been exceeded.• The driver's safety belt has not been fastened. Although, to be fair, it did operate for twelve months without us switching off the fan, whereas now it only operates when we switch off the fan. I still suspect a voltage problem.
  3. Well, of course I personally have no idea what it's charge was, but the phrase the dealer's engineer used was 'at 95% of perfect'. So I guess that he may have meant '95% of 80%', maybe? My battery is still less than three years old at present, but I think I may ask for it to be replaced when it goes in. I doubt it will be covered by the warranty though.
  4. Some progress, of sorts... I followed Steve's advice from a couple of posts back and switched off the 'climate control' completely, so no fan at all, and the A.S.S. immediately began working again. I switched it back on again with the temperature setting back to 16.0°, and it continued working, then I switched the temperature back to Lo and the A.S.S. stopped working again. Switching off the radio also seems to have an effect on whether the A.S.S. operates. And for the first time these effects are reproducible. So now I'm reasonably convinced that it is a voltage thing, even though when it was last in the local dealer tested the battery and reckoned it was 'perfect' with a 95% charge. I think the correct answer to my original post is, or should be, simply 'No'. But what I've been finding is that in reality, with the present battery, it does. It is strange that it worked perfectly for twelve months, whatever setting we had on the climate control, and then immediately after we had it serviced it started failing, but I reserve my judgement on that. At least I now have some evidence of what is causing it to fail. Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks Steve. Yes, I'd guessed about the air-con preventing operation of the a.s.s. The thing is, though, that the problem with it not working at all was when the air-con was switched off. I admit that I've not tried it without the fan on though, so I will give it a go and see what happens. At the present it seems to work okay for one journey once the engine is warmed up, but then it doesn't operate at all on the next one. It's completely beating me. I'm wondering now whether there has been some sort of software corruption somewhere somehow.
  6. Jim, You're absolutely right. I think it is probably more trouble than it's worth too. But I'm viewing it's lack of correct operation as a symptom of a potentially more serious issue rather than a problem in itself. I want to know why it is not working, really, more than just getting it working again. And what is it that is now making it work for a while, and then stop working again? When my Fiesta was in last month they checked the battery, because that was 'a theory', but the test revealed that the battery was 'over 95% charged' and they dismissed it as a possible cause. I have a sneaking feeling that it might be voltage regulator-related. Is something causing the voltage to drop somehow, which the system then interprets as an engine malfunction of some sort that causes the A.S.S. (just realised what the acronym is!!!) to fail to operate. Or, is there an actual problem with the engine or software somewhere that could lead to something more serious?
  7. Thanks for that Clive but, as you imply, when you had the occurrence it was a hot & humid day. This morning it was cooler, and therefore less humid than if it were warmer. There was certainly no sign of any condensation on the windows or anything. And of course, the problem with the Auto-Start-Stop has been current now for well over a month; it hasn't been affected by condensation for all that time. Further developments to the problem this evening, when the Auto-Start-Stop failed to cut out the engine at all on the way back from work. (A thirty minute journey, so the engine has plenty of chance to warm-up.) So it looks like the underlying problem still hasn't gone away, and it was an anomaly that it worked this morning. Why it worked, and whether it had anything to do with the temperature setting change remains a mystery.
  8. Hi all. I've got a bit of a puzzler here, or at least it's puzzling me! Can anyone enlighten me at all please? We've had a 2013 Fiesta Titanium 1.0 litre EcoBoost since last April, and up until we took it into our local Ford dealer for a service in May this year, the Auto-Start-Stop feature worked most of the time. (I know it has it's quirks, and doesn't always activate, but I mean it activated on a fairly regular basis when the engine was warmed up.) Since we had it serviced though, it has barely worked at all. We had a curious 'Engine Malfunction: Service Now' warning message appear about a fortnight after it had been serviced, (and, as dictated by sod's law, the very moment we arrived on the south coast for a week's holiday), but upon re-starting the engine the 'amber spanner' icon was no longer lit and everything seemed to be working normally. Apart from the Auto-Stop-Start, that is, which didn't work for the rest of our holiday or for a while after it. I took the car into our local dealer when we got back home, and they reckoned that the Auto-Start-Stop needed 're-setting', so I had to leave the car with them for a whole day for that to be done. This was on 17th June. The Auto-Start-Stop was duly re-set but, apparently despite 'extensive investigation', the reason why it had stopped working was not ascertained. The Auto-Stop-Start then worked normally for two days... and then it stopped working again. The engine has not auto-stopped at all since 19th June, and we have the car booked in again for further investigation next month. At no point in this story has the 'A' icon that always lights up briefly at engine-start been anything but green, even after the engine malfunction warning. But here is the puzzle... This morning the weather was a bit chillier than it has been, and so I changed the interior temperature setting from Lo to 16.0, and immediately after changing that setting the engine began cutting out whenever I stopped and set the handbrake at traffic lights, and re-started as it should as soon as I dipped the clutch. Why should changing the interior temperature setting in the car affect the Auto-Start-Stop system in this way? I could understand if we'd had the air conditioning switched on but, although the temperature setting has been Lo, the air con has been switched off most of the time, and certainly for at least the last fortnight or so. I'm now wondering whether it is worth taking the car back in next month, because the Auto-Stop-Start seems to be working again.
  9. To be honest I'm not absolutely sure, because we only notice that it's been playing the music silently the next time we take our iPhones out of our pockets... Perhaps I should do more tests. But it seems to play the music regardless; as soon as we next click the top button on our phones, expecting to see the log-in keypad, we see the music playing. ie. With our phones still locked.
  10. Hi all. Further to my last query about track/artist displaying via Sync, (which I never did get resolved to my satisfaction), we realised the other day that Sync seems to be causing the batteries on our iPhones to go prematurely flat. It seems that whenever one of our iPhones is paired to Sync via Bluetooth it starts playing music in the iPhone's Music app, even though we're not listening to the music that it's playing. So instead of the phone being in stand-by mode and using virtually no power it is using power to run the app. I thought it was a problem with the iPhone settings, so I posted a support request on Apple Discussions. https://discussions.apple.com/message/26771996?ac_cid=op123456#26771996 The answer I got back from there was that it wasn't an iPhone setting that was causing the trouble, but a setting in the Sync system. I've looked through the relevant bits in the Sync 'Quick Reference Guide' document that came with the car, but it doesn't specifically mention a setting that is responsible for starting music playing when it isn't required, or how to stop it from doing so. (I'm even less impressed with this Sync thing now...) Has anyone any idea how we can stop this happening please?
  11. If at all possible, could you please post the software/firmware version number details for your friend's 2009 SYNC installation? And also the version they update yours to -assuming that it is a success. Ta.
  12. Ahh... Something official at last from Ford UK about updates. (It may have been there all along, but I didn't spot it if it was.) I think I'll be toddling back to my dealer with the URL, because he wasn't aware of updates at all when I went.
  13. Okay, update time. I took my car into the local dealers yesterday, as directed by Ford, for the firmware update to be applied. I was impressed when I first arrived, because the bloke behind the desk seemed to know what I meant. "It will only be a matter of inserting a USB stick." However, after I'd been waiting about an hour he returned with a completely different attitude. "There's no fault. What exactly is the problem?" I explained that I'd never said there was a fault, and that all was working as per the manual. I explained again what I wanted doing and produced print-outs of Ian's display versus my display. "Oh, I see. Well, if it's not a fault it will be a chargeable item you know. And we will have to contact Ford for advice on whether the set in your car is capable of taking the upgraded firmware." I pointed out that it was Ford who had directed me to them in the first place... I asked why they couldn't have contacted Ford in the time between me making the appointment and the date of the appointment, and he blamed a call-centre call-taker. "We use a call centre in Nottingham, and they can't be expected to know what you're talking about when you ring up." [Err... well shouldn't you employ more people at the dealership who DO know what they're talking about then?] He went off and made photocopies of the print-outs I'd taken in, but nothing could be done on the day. He told me that he'd never heard of anyone wanting a software update applied to anything in their cars, while apparently accepting that software updates are applied to virtually every other digital device these days. "You're way ahead of the game here, you know!" I've never been described as that in my life, and I'm afraid the bullshit filter kicked in at that point, because he was talking pure waffle. So you were quite right Matt in assuming they wouldn't be able to help at Ford. Any luck with Sony? I am now awaiting a call back from the dealer, but i"m not holding my breath. It will be letter-writing time shortly, methinks.
  14. It might be... but it could be risky. Do we know for sure that their hardware is identical to ours? It could be like trying to install Mac OS X on a PC... And are the US DAB radio frequencies and system protocols the same as here? I wouldn't try it until I'd heard verification from someone else that it had worked.
  15. Well, I'm still hopeful that they will provide me with the upgrade, (not necessarily 'give' it to me; I am prepared to pay a reasonable amount for the service), but if it turns out that they are unwilling to do so I will certainly not be giving up. By denying the upgrade Ford would be implying that drivers must use their hand-held Bluetooth device to search/scan/select music tracks. There is clearly a safety issue here if there is an alternative available. Furthermore, at more than one place in the Ford Sync user guide appears the wording 'We recommend against the use of any hand-held device while driving, and encourage the use of voice-operated systems when possible.' I think the fact that we now know there is an AVRCP update available for Sync, and that it's installation would enable hands-free remote control via Bluetooth, means that their denying installation of that upgrade would be acting contrary to their own written policy. On a more general level, if motor manufacturers install computerised and digital systems in their vehicles, I think it is only reasonable that they should be expected to keep those systems up to date. Most are virtually obsolete the day they're bought, after all; that is only to be expected with progress. I cannot think of any other of the digital devices I have, (cameras, phones, laptops, ereaders, printers etc), whose manufacturers don't provide software/firmware updates. I don't see why cars should be any different.