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  1. Broken St 3

    Cars in the garage on the mend, thank fooooook. Got a massive Megane estate to drive around for the meantime lol
  2. Broken St 3

    Hey, So.. I picked up my brand new St 3 the other week whilst back in the UK, literally had it for 2 days and some stupid women pulled out into my lane after exiting a round about. Which has caused the front right panel, above the wheel arch to dent inwards and drop slightly, so its scoring my tyre when i go over bumps. Anyone know where i could grab a spirit blue side panel, ive looked on ebay, no luck.. my insurance is taking far too long to fix it. :(
  3. Brand New St, Do I Get A Sub/amp Fitted?

    Ah, okay thanks guys.. might see how it sounds without it and just decide from there.
  4. Hello, Im picking up my car on Monday. My parents are buying me an amp and sub for Chirstmas, Bit worried about getting it fitted into a brand new car, dotn want anything to go wrong. I will go to halford or somet to get it fitted, but still... Whats the sound system like in the ST-3? Do i need a sub? Thanks.
  5. To Jailbreak Apple Tv Or Not?

    Whats the Now TV?.. havent heard of it..
  6. To Jailbreak Apple Tv Or Not?

    Heard the new one cant be jail broken, yet anyway. However i just want to know what you get free.. when jail broken,
  7. To Jailbreak Apple Tv Or Not?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting a friend the Apple tv for Chirstmas, I've read a couple of things, but what i want to know is does this then allow you to watch movies for free?.. Have any of you guys got an Apple tv, would you recommend the Jailbreak? Thanks,
  8. Winter Tyres For St / Zetec S

    Guys will my Zetec S 2010 winter tyres fit onto my ST-3 Sizes are 175 / 65 R 14 Thanks,
  9. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Cool, thanks alot i'll have a little wiggle of everything i can then before i drive away :) Im Part Ex'in my 2010, Zetec s, Mk 7 when i get there, so theyll be looking around that while i inspect my new ride..
  10. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Ah, Okay, thanks guys. I'll buy myself a charging device then, Cant be dealing with no phone! ha Is there anything i should check when picking up my car? Other than the usual walk around the vehicle..
  11. Mountune!

    Dont think its really worth the money, when you're only getting slightly more..
  12. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Does the bluetooth allow you to play music through your phone, or just naswer calls?., my fiesta now only lets me answer calls and wont actually play music via bluetooth, Not liking how people are having issues with the aux/bluetooth, mine better be okay lol
  13. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Picking mine up on 21 Dec, Cant wait. Its been far too long, if its not ready im kicking of!! lol
  14. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Ive only been driving for like two years now, so im like a little child at chirstmas, picking my car up.. I'll literally be getting it 5 days before christmas, Merry chirstmas to me!
  15. My St-2 Gets Delivered Next Thursday

    Bet you cant wait to get it, Its deffinetly a great first car, youll enjoy that. I cant wait to pick my ST 3 up, 3 weeks away.. Im dying to drive it.. Im making the most of the tax free system while im in Germany