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  1. Driving Test!

    I passed my test back in the early 80's, so don't know if tests are much different today, but back then the examiner would ask you several questions regarding the highway code. One of the most common questions asked was to explain situations when overtaking wasn't allowed - such as approaching a hump-backed bridge, or approaching junction / zebra crossing, etc, so it's worth brushing up on that just in case. Also, as someone already mentioned, keep checking your rear view mirror whilst driving after you set off, and make sure the examiner can see you doing so. Also keep an eye on your speedometer too - the examiner won't be very forgiving if you stray over the limit significantly. Finally, just keep nice and calm without looking excessively nervous. I know it's easier said than done, but the examiner would rather see someone who is reasonably confident behind the wheel (without being over-confident) than someone who looks a bag of nerves. For what it's worth, my examiner was totally miserable with a face like he was chewing a wasp - but the guy passed me thank goodness.
  2. What Are You Doing Today?

    Thankfully I finished work yesterday, so I'll be spending the next few days trying to catch up with a backlog of film negatives that need scanning onto the computer. Luckily I don't do photography for a living, it's just a hobby of mine.
  3. Merry Christmas Everybody

    And a very Happy Christmas from me to everyone here too, with best wishes for the New Year.
  4. England Flag Illegal?

    I totally agree. Stories like this do surface quite regularly particularly amongst the tabloids. Didn't some guy who used to work for a newspaper once say that the only thing that was correct in a paper was the date at the top of the page - (or words to that effect). Can't recall who he was right now.
  5. Loud Drumming Noise At 50_ 65 Mph

    It does sound like the wheel bearings to me as I had exactly the same problem with my old Ford Sierra many years ago. Once I reached about 50 to 60 mph, irrespective of engine revs, the droning noise was there. A trip to the garage sorted it out and the noise disappeared.
  6. Flashing Alarm Red Led Light

    My Fiesta doesn't have the red flashing light that my previous Fiestas had, but instead there is a yellow light on the door lock button (located just above the hazard warning light switch) which lights up for a short while once I've locked the car. It eventually switches off as I have never noticed it flashing when I've returned to the car again.
  7. Mph Per 1000Rpm In 5Th?

    I'm going back a few years now, but my first Fiesta which I bought new in 1996 had a 1.4 engine, and the rpm's at 60 and 70 mph in 5th gear were near enough exactly the same (if memory serves me correctly) as my previous 1.6 Fiesta. I must admit to being impressed how Ford have managed to achieve this with only a 1 litre engine, but my knowledge of car mechanics is pretty limited if I'm being totally honest.
  8. Mph Per 1000Rpm In 5Th?

    70 mph in 5th gear was around the 2500 rev mark, and the same speed in 4th gear was just over 3000 revs, say around 3100 give or take.
  9. Mph Per 1000Rpm In 5Th?

    Hi Phil, I'm popping out shortly so I'll take it to 70 mph and report back here with the results. I suspect it'll be around the 2500 revs in 5th gear or thereabouts. I was impressed by the low revs when I took a test drive in it, and is certainly much lower than my previous Zetec S which I felt really needed a 6th gear when passing even 60 mph. At 60, it used to run at around the 3000 rev mark.
  10. Mph Per 1000Rpm In 5Th?

    My car has the Ecoboost 125 PS, and at 60 mph in 4th gear, it runs at roughly 2500 revs and around the 2000 mark in 5th gear. I've never really noticed the rev counter when going over 70 mph to be honest with you, but I know in my previous Zetec S, which had a 1.6 engine, the revs were nearly 3500 at 70 mph in 5th gear.
  11. Key Fob Battery Changing ?

    When I came to change the battery on the key of my first Fiesta (back in 1997), I remember the guy at Ford telling me it had to be changed within a minute of taking the old battery out, otherwise it would need to be re-programmed. I don't honestly know if this still applies these days as I've since had the mechanics change it whilst the car was having its service.
  12. Letter From Ford Dealership

    It's not the first time I've been contacted by my Ford dealer to remind me to book in a service on a car which I part-exchanged months before.
  13. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    My last renewal was just over £400 fully comp. with Aviva. My insurance always seems to hover around that amount even though I haven't put in a claim for a few years.
  14. Cheshire Classic Car Show

    For anyone in the north-west who may be interested, there's the 39th Cheshire Classic Car Show taking place at Capesthorne Hall on Sunday 25th May. The last show held here last August had a good display of Fords, although there will be various other makes on show too. I just hope the weather is OK. :) This link explains in more detail: http://www.classicshows.org/classic-shows-events-list/39th-cheshire-classic-car-a-mc-inc-cheshire-jaguar-day-a-free-aj-stalls
  15. As of the 2013 Fiesta brochure, the Zetec comes with a 1.0 (100 PS) engine; the Zetec S is in a 125 PS version and both the Titanium and Titanium X are available in both 100 or 125 PS engines. However, I recall the salesman telling me the Titanium 125 PS versions are about as rare as chicken teeth and almost impossible to get hold of. Not sure if he was telling me porkies, but it didn't matter to me personally as I had the Zetec S in mind anyway when I was looking to change my car.