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  1. Do Alloy Seal Products Work?

    Cheers for the feed back guys, I will have to give this poor boys stuff a look.
  2. Do Alloy Seal Products Work?

    Do alloy seal products work? If so which is the best one? Also what alloy cleaning products does everyone use? I tried a Halfords one before which foams up and seemed to do a decent job but since getting a Fiesta I’ve used “wonder wheels” which is ok but with the lack of foam I’m not sure if it’s as affective. Autoglym and Simoniz are my front runners to try next but I am open to suggests.
  3. Favourite Roads To Drive

    This may have been posted before or I may just be weird but I thought it would be interesting to know if anyone else has any stand out roads that break from the boredom that can sometimes creep in from simply driving from A to B. One of the most enjoyable roads to drive near me has to be the A225 from Farningham to Otford. The road never seems that busy and as you bomb along you the get strange feeling that you’re in the countryside as the fields drop away to the right into the valley. I imagine it’s not the most complex of roads to drive in the country but it has a nice mix of sweeping straights and tight corners to test the power and handling of your car. I’m not expecting the A225 to be used for a test drive on the next series of Top Gear but it’s probably the closest example of the kind of roads they use nearest to me.
  4. Footrest

    Thanks for all responses, glad we could breath a little life into an old post. I'm definitely feeling the Mondeo / Focus style ones so thats what I'll be looking at when I get some spare cash. Frustrating that ford don't just sell the foot rest plate on its own but I guess that will add fun to the hunting, cheers again guys
  5. Footrest

    I know this is an old posting but I would like to put a foot rest cover in the foot well before the carpet gets messed up. I really like want iNath did with the Mondeo one but wondered as time has passed has any other options become available?
  6. Stolen - 2012 Fiesta Zetec S

    Sorry to hear about your situation mate, it’s sickening. I know a few years back when my brother had a Fiesta ST mk6 some scumbags stripped everything but the alloys off it and when he spoke to the Police they said he was lucky as at the time a lot of ST’s were being stolen where the crim’s would literally lift the car onto a flatbed truck and be gone. Very worrying that they can now just be driven off, hope you hear some positive news soon.
  7. Long-Time Fan, First Time Owner

    Funny you should say about Vauxhall's as the amount of people when I was looking for a new car said “what about a Vauxhall”. I think I would have rather stayed with Renault than lowered myself to that! Thanks for the warm welcome guys, see you on the main forums
  8. Hi guys and girls I have been a long-time fan of Fords and I finally got to buy into the brand on Saturday when I picked up a second hand Fiesta Zetec S mk7. Had a Clio (I know) for the last 6 years so it’s going to massive step up in style and quality. The car feels and looks great and I can’t wait to put some miles in. Thanks in advance for any advice, tips or info on any issues I may have. Anthony