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  1. Cutting out

    try here MEG mondeowikipedia for lots of tutorials and how-tos and try asking in their forum too, lots of helpful people - you'll probably find the answers if you search the threads beforehand the Idle control valve may be a culprit too
  2. Boot lock constantly cycling

    cheers for the reply, everything else is working properly (the clock and mirrors problem was their fuse) turns out the eejit i got it from was nicked by the rozzers in the middle of the night at home, and even though they had the keys to the car they decided it would be quicker to bust the boot open instead of unlocking it! Latch was replaced but the motor wasnt. scrappy or ebay it is then!
  3. Boot lock constantly cycling

    time for a bump! after a bit of fiddling around in the back, the wiring and connnections look ok. If I lock the doors and open the boot with the key everything is fine, if the doors are already unlocked and I open the boot either way (with the key or pushing the barrel button) the lock starts firing non-stop...I'm thinking either the the switch that is behind the barrel or the actual lock solenoid are knackered.
  4. Hi all, Ive just picked up a 98 mondy Si 2.5l in great condition and ive got a little problem... after searching through quite a few forums etc Ive yet to find an answer, The previous owner (someone I work with) told me that if you open the boot the lock motor goes mad and cycles constantly while its open, only does this when open - its fine when shut, but to get it closed again I had to jam a screwdriver into the mechanism and it eventually stopped. after moving the car I then noticed the clock and elec. mirrors have stopped working too. are they connected? do they use the same fuse? in the Haynes manual I cant see anything for the boot lock motor in the wiring diagrams (the 4 door ones are there). Any one else had this problem? or got any ideas? any help much appreciated!