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  1. An update! It's been going on for nearly 4 weeks now and finally progress has been made. It sounds petty saying 4 weeks. It feels like an eternity but I'm sure 4 weeks is quite a result. 2 weeks ago G4S arranged a phone interview and all details were given. The guy at G4S said that he'd submit his report that day and then it was up to the insurers. Then heard nothing for a week. Called insurer who said they hadn't received the G4S report! It was a weird couple of weeks of chasing the insurer every day. Although it's my car that was stolen I somehow started feeling guilty, thinking there were delays because my report didn't add up. The whole thing still doesn't make sense in my own head so how could they fathom it? Anyway, something reassuring but also worrying: The guy at G4S said he holds a few phone interviews every day and at least one each day is a Ford stolen in the same circumstances. Poor Fords :(. Today I received a call from the insurer and they have offered £9800 for the car. The equivalent car to buy is £10,000 so that's not a bad start. They advised to get some quotes and forward them on to see if I can get it increased Fortunately I was added to my mum's car insurance so I can drive her Zetec S Diesel. It's only at the weekend I can use it but it at least allows my girlfriend and I to do the shopping and run errands a little easier and it somewhat lessens that feeling of being isolated without the car. I'm going to get an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser installed once I get the new car and since the theft my mum has been using a Disklok on her Fez, which I quite like. Once it's on the drive, put it full turn to the left so it's pointed towards the fence, lock the wheel and put the Disklok on. I think that's about as difficult as we can make it without full aftermarket security. I've looked for cars for the past week or so and have toyed with the idea of Petrol/Deisel, BMWs, VWs, Seats, Skodas but something draws me back to the Fiesta Zetec S. It is so spot on that I'd be willing to take the risk again, albeit with aftermarket security and a hefty Disklok. I'll probably de-badge it too and maybe buy it in a less striking colour than my beloved Moondust Silver ;). I can only advise all owners of newer Fiestas, especially the ones with all the trimmings, to put a couple of hundred aside to beef up the security a little. The Police were courteous and arrived within 5mins of me calling but they had to close the case within a few days. They can't help so we need to help ourselves. Had to laugh the other day: I was looking on Auto Trader at the new Fiestas and thought to myself ''if only they'd stolen it next year, I'd be able to afford an ST'' :D. Sometimes you have to look at the funny side or you'd go insane.
  2. Newbie Alert!

    I learnt something there! I have the same model as you but the Zetec S trim. I always referred to it as the Mk8 because I saw the facelift Mk4 as a Mk5. I stand corrected! I'm sure you'll agree that the the current generation of Fiestas are spot on. The days of the Dagenham Dustbin are long gone.
  3. Got to be the Fez! For the handling alone throughout the range. I started by borrowing a 2012 ZS Diesel for a holiday. I loved how it handled so much that I bought a 2012 Petrol. Think about testing the Diesel at least. It's not as smooth in power delivery overall compared to the Petrol (mainly because it produces 30hp less) but you get some nice surges of boost from the turbo (really throws you out of corners), it's a better motorway cruiser and it's very economical. It's well worth a test. As for the Ecoboost ZS. My mate recently got one in that amazing dark blue colour. The interior is better than the 08-12 model and it is slightly more powerful. I personally prefer the sound of the old ZS 1.6 engine but that's nitpicking. Also the engine is so tiny that it looks quite funny in the massive bonnet space! I've heard nothing but amazing things about the 1.0T though so it sounds like a good step forward. Fiesta hands down.
  4. Horrible cirumstances in which to join but as good a time as any. I spent a while reading previous posts about thefts so thought I may as well join the club. Member lyonsb123 I'm in the process of reading through your theft thread. Some useful info there. My 61 plate ZS petrol was stolen from the front of my house last night (27th April). I had a motion activated video camera installed on the front of the house a few weeks ago so I at least got to see the circumstances of the theft! - At 20:45 (not even dark yet), the car was parked on the street at the end of my driveway. It had been there all day. - 2 men crossed the road from the opposite side. One looked like he pulled a small object from his pocket. - They huddled around the driver door and in under 10 seconds (the length of each of the video clips my camera takes) they were in. - The next video clip shows them driving away. The time stamp is 30 seconds later. No broken glass, no wheelspin. Casual as you like. Both keys accounted for in the house. It had the standard remote central locking, key in the ignition start so not the usual keyless theft. Unfortunately it was the passenger door in view of the camera so I didn't get to see any tampering with the door handle. The Police said Fiestas and Transits are vanishing with no trace and that if they ever do find the car, it will most likely be just a shell in a scrapyard. The insurance claim process so far: - They won't give us a courtesy car as they only give courtesy cars for accidents. Although they didn't give me one when somebody wrote off my Fiesta MK4 a few years ago. They seem reluctant to give courtesy cars in any circumstances. - They said we need to wait for a call from G4S as we need to explain the details to them in order for them to investigate the circumstances and decide on a value for the car. Why a private security firm needs to be involved when I gave my story (along with CCTV video) to the Police is beyond me. Surely by now with all the similar thefts happening there needs to be some liability placed on the manufacturer? I keep trying to blame myself in some way because it's very difficult to accept that it just disappeared like that. It would have taken the thieves more time and effort to take my £300 phone from me than it did to drive my £10k car from the front of my house and disappear without a trace! I'll try to keep this updated if people are interested. I wish my case was a one off. Attached is a picture of it the day I picked it up from from Ford used. Only had it 8 months!