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  1. Treat yourself and get a new one (PCP) Your working hard and deserve to reward yourself. Imagine the smell of new car and the comfort of driving it.
  2. zetec s 7.5 Spoiler exstension

    Triple R splitter. Google it and it's comes with everything you need. I put it in my zetec s .I'm trying to upload the pictures of my car but it won't allow me. (I'm not too good in modern technology )
  3. Triple r splitter installation

    Got a fiesta zetec s and I removed the center air damp before fitting the triple r splitter . a bit of hard work if you have a big hands 😊😊
  4. I need a quote for 2 cars can you please call me on 07443472296



      Hi, Thanks for the message. Could you PM me your email address too please? I will arrange for our quotes team to contact you as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Dan.

  5. Saying Hi

    Hi and welcome 😊
  6. Car Wash Rant!

    I don't trust any car wash because I heard lot of bad things like what happened to you. I wash my car using two bucket.
  7. Leather Seat Covers, Any Good?

    Argos sells a universal fit and can't fault it.I tried to find a made to measure for my zetec s but to no avail
  8. Performance Fuels

    As the advert say's it clean your fuel system and giving extra ump. ...personally I don't use it every time I fill up. I alternate every time but saying that I only used shell
  9. Car Seat Covers

    I got mine from argos and it's good value for money 😊
  10. Focus Mk3.5 No Drls

    The new fiesta zetec s has drl😊
  11. Wind Deflectors

    Another vote for team hecko for me. Just don't forget to declare it to your insurance company 😊
  12. Busy Day

    It's just very windy here in my location and to much pollen in the air 😊(I'm justifying my ocd)lol
  13. Busy Day

    I would try to post pictures tomorrow 😊 after I clean it 😊and yes it has more torque than the 1.6tdci
  14. Service Records

    It should be comes from the car free of charge. ..I might be wrong
  15. Busy Day

    I got the new 1.5 tdci and I'm impressed with the small engine 😊