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  1. hi man i may be going really wanna book though
  2. Focus, After Wheel Alignment specs

    i used to do tracking and we saw this A LOT even with new cars the problem is when the car is tracked at factory it has about 5l of fuel in the tank (just enough for loading and getting it through pdi and to a fuel station) so there is no weight in the car. so presumably it would be ***** on. give it a few miles or whatever things start to settle down and the car sort of adjusts and sits to how it wants to. also the heavy stuff on one side of a boot or a full tank or the sensor not bang on in the wheel and you will get discrepancies its not that far out if it was off the scale then id worry
  3. New ST line badges fitted

    they look really good man where they from?
  4. Hi from Italy

    welcome along
  5. Need help with lights

    could possibly be the switch on the gearbox. have you tried another bulb in it just to make sure its not the bulb that's faulty
  6. Ford focus 2.0 tdci

    not sure what your asking depends how hard you press the go pedel
  7. Focus MK 2/2.5

    i have never had a problem with high milers ether i worked at a few garages now and have seen a few high milers in that time. the most obvious parts are bushes and springs and shocks, the engine does take a bit of wear but with engine tolerances so good now to me its not as much of an issue. i have seen cars with 400,000 miles on them still running like new because there owners took care of them i have the 2l tdci 2009 and the only thing that's causing me an issue is the inlet air flap ( gets stuck in a morning and it does not open so the engine wont start until i give it a smack) so the petrol ones i don't really know much about having not lived with one. sorry i couldn't be of anymore help
  8. i have an issue with mine also but i know what it is (not nesseserily the samer issue) there is a flap in the inlet tube (just past the air box) and that gets stuck closed it regulates air in the intake on start up so somtimes it wont start i have to get out and just lightly shout at the engine while lightly hitting it hard on the top of the plastic part to free it i need to change it but funds are low at the moment so im stuck shouting at my 2nd morgage at petrol stations occationally next time this happens take the inlet pipe off ind see if the flap is sticky (may not seem that way) and push it then try to start it (take the silver o ring off the pipe and pull it off)
  9. Roof lining

    there is a place in the west mids they sell specifically st parts that's where i had mine from
  10. Roof lining

    sorry i havent been back mine is a 3 door
  11. Roof lining

    i did this conversion on my zetec s only took me about 2hours to complete im sorry though i don't thin i took any pictures if i find some i will post them here
  12. etis

  13. etis

    hi i was just wondering i was looking on the etis web page about my car and have noticed a few thing on there which mine does not have ie tinted glass dipping rear view mirror and auto h/lamps and less headlamp control what ever this is my question is would there be a way of asking ford to put a few of these things in i.e the tinted glass as it states on the etis that it should have came from factory and has not
  14. hi i have the same issue of an intermittent starting problem i have had some results however on my 2l tdci there is a flap in the inlet manifold that gets stuck you will see it if you take the inlet pipe off i just move mine every now and again its been nearly 2 months since mine has done this midland to cornwall and back and 50 round trip to work and back a few ppl sand the edges off but i think it just gets clogged from dirty air and oil making it sticky
  15. Ford F-250

    ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PS-2010-K-N-OIL-FILTER-FORD-F250-HARLEY-DAVIDSON-SUPER-DUTY-6-8-V10-2004-2005-/381561160628?hash=item58d6d143b4:g:iMUAAOSwv9hW2Zc~