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  1. I was hoping to tow a micro teardrop type caravan with my 63 plate 1.25 82ps Fiesta. These are a lot lighter than normal caravans and come in from 500 to 800+ Kgm in towing weight. As far as I can see the Fiesta is only rated at 700 Kgm max braked towing weight, regardless of engine size. Why is this? The Fiesta weighs in at approx 1000 Kgm so I would expect it to be able to tow 850 Kgm. A Fiat 500 with a 1.2 engine is lighter than the Fiesta yet has an 800 Kgm towing capacity. Comments appreciated from Fiesta towers who have pulled micro caravans much appreciated, want to know how you got on before I spend thousands on a caravan. Apologies if this question has been asked before.
  2. Fiesta 2013 No Radio Code???

    Thanks for the confirmation. Cheers!
  3. Fiesta 2013 Space Saver Wheel.

    Thanks Karl, will have your space saver wheel, posted to that effect on your classified thread. Cheers Henry
  4. My Fiesta Zetec 1.25 petrol 2013 came with an inflatable tyre repair kit. Would really prefer to have a spare tyre in my well instead. New one from my dealer is about £200, which is just silly! Looked on ebay and they are a bit more reasonably priced, BUT will any 15 inch 4 stud Fiesta space saver work on my car and fit me wheel well, or do I have to get one specifically for my model? Will any Fiesta 15 inch wheel with tyre fit my well or do I have to get a space saver? Thanks
  5. I'm fitting my Fiesta Zetec 1.25 petrol 2013 with a tow bar, and am now about to fit the electrics. Am using a Westphalia model specific kit for complete compatibility. Need to disconnect battery to do this, but my question concerns radio codes. I can't find a radio code for my radio, which is the most basic one that Ford fit. The manual makes no mention of how to enter a radio code. Suspect that that might be because there isn't one! Is that the case, anybody confirm one way or the other? Thanks.
  6. Point taken, change oil every 6 moths and use 5W-30. :D
  7. Long-Time Fan, First Time Owner

    Hi from another newbie!
  8. Hi from another newbie!
  9. Hello I'm New

    Hi from another newbie!
  10. Howzit From Sout Africa

    Hi from another newbie!
  11. Hi From New Fiesta Owner!

    Now that we are retired seems silly to be using up fuel charging up and down the motorway just so that car can survive!! Sadly in the long run changing to a petrol car is the only (expensive) solution for short distance driving. BUT really getting to really love the new Fiesta the more we drive it -every cloud has its silver lining.... :)
  12. Sorry, but I thought it was the other way around i.e. that the 0W rated oil would be better at start up than the 5W rated stuff as it was thinner and penetrate better. Clarification any body?
  13. Hi From New Fiesta Owner!

    Hello back to you all! Wondered if anybody else had come across diesel particulate problems and short journey problems?
  14. Just picked up a pre reg 63 1.25 82 Fiesta with 3.3 K miles on it. Looking to put some nice fresh oil in it as want to hang on to the car for a long time. Wonder if it is worth the extra buying a 0W-30 oil, eg Castrol Edge over a 5W-30 eg Formula F oil? Comments on the 'best' oil for short journeys appreciated.
  15. Just picked a 63 plate pre reg Race Red 1.25 82 Zetec 5 door. Very pleased with it so far, wife loves it too! Sadly had to replace a Fiat with a 1.3 Diesel engine which was starting to become unreliable with Diesel Particulate Filter problems. Think this is an expensive time bomb that eventually will affect ALL Diesel engined vehicles fitted with a DPF. Great little engine but destroyed by EU emission regulations! Hopefully the Fiesta will be more reliable and cheaper to run in the long run.