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  1. Suspension Muck Up

    thanks for ur time karlos,.the situation is both sides m8,.would this be likely,although not impossible,..? or is one side causing other side to 'act' the same? and come to think of it,.if my shockabsorbers are fully extended what would have caused that ? OR are they being forced fully shut,either way little give,..what would happen if top of shock wasnt attatched or not quite situated correctly ? i would say looking again the bottom of the spring seems lower than originally was,and the spring is more evident,wheel arch further from tyre,...
  2. Suspension Muck Up

    ok,thanks for your answer,..could i ask this,if the broken springs were lowering coils would they be approximately the same size size/length as the new springs,same amount of coils ? or would they be shorter/longer/more coils/less coils? because the lad who did it said they were very similar,visually, given the old ones had near 100.000 miles use.sorry,i should add to this,there is very little 'bounce' when attempting to push down on a corner,rock solid may best describe it,.almost like the entire setup is fully extended.attempting to turn the steering is very hard with the car turned off,much more than usual..
  3. Suspension Muck Up

    okay got a reply from the shop where springs were bought,they say 100% without question the spring is right and compatible with my car..so assuming they know what theyre talking about,where does that leave me? a friend who knows a little bit more than me said its all abit weird as the spring only affects preload and height and if anything the car would sit lower(im not clever enough to understand how or why this would be,.?) he says its sounds like something not seating or somethings missing,but hes not in my locale to pop round and look..8/
  4. Suspension Muck Up

    thanks,.i cross referenced the compatible cars on the ebay shop before i purchased them,they seemed to be compatible from 1999 1.4L upto 2005 1.8 dti,(which seemed quite a span).so i assumed they are a pretty standard part..iv contacted the shop on ebay to get confirmation,and to ask whether they had any springs boxed wrong or similar..
  5. Hey all,Im Phil .new here,good to meet you,..recently bought a focus 1.6 51plate,bog standard 97k,.£500,.nice car(needed a tyre),.anyway a month of nice driving and then got in car one morning,.pulled away clang bang bangity bang,.a broken spring,broke at top so was able to drive ok but was always worried what 'could' happen,.sourced MONROE sp2457 coil springs(fleabay) £30 a pair.To cut along story short,moneys tight,so foned a young lad who works for a decent company as a mechanic,and he was able to do the job,.Went back to pick car up,looked a little high at front parked on incline,but got in drove around for 5 mins,seemed different,but no clanging,gr8..so driving home i noticed some weird steering issues,twitchy,random,unstable,.realised i could feel and hear everything on road,then onto the speedhumps F**K ME!!! it was like dropping the car onto the road from a foot in the air,..got home thankfully.Car looked incredibly high,atleast 4 inches higher than it was,lol..so i foned young lad back,but was saturday night and no answer,.text him with my concerns,.next day he text back,he said that putting the suspension back together is basically idiot proof and the springs must be wrong!! even tho he also said the springs had the right amount of coils?! QUESTION 1,.if an aftermarket front coil spring is being used,and everything else is remaining original(as far as i know), is putting the suspension back together the same as using original springs? or does the spring have to seat/align somewhere else? QUESTION 2 is it possible to rebuild suspension so it all goes together,looks right but is clearly wrong? QUESTION 3 Are MONROE sp2457 springs compatible? QUESTION 4 if they are compatible and it turns out that somehow the springs i bought even tho labelled as sp2457,turn out to be wrong am i the unlukkiest man alive ? i was lookin at another forum in the hope for an answer and saw terms like clocking,tophat and aligning spring with notch(this was relating to aftermarket dampers/springs but keeping original strut mounts,i believe),.as you can probably tell im not a mechanic,can change pads,drop-links, fuses and bulbs,.Any HELP/ADVICE/QUESTIONS would be gr8,coz im in another !Removed! place and only 4months of the years gone.,many thanks x