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  1. Shaun where are you I need you 😫
  2. Hello everyone has anybody done this latest update ? and if so HOW DID YOU ***** DO IT Grrrr cos I can't it keeps saying error can we not just buy the update on a usb stick ? thanks for reading
  3. Im sure she will love it it is smooth and quick I still can't believe I've got one
  4. Taken it off and guess what ? everything still works LOL
  5. Thanks it was an ex display model so as stoney said I’m gonna rip that sucker off thanks guys
  6. Hello all i have a smartrac sticker on one of my windows just sitting wonky near the middle Can i remove it ? I know it’s something to do with RFID but does it have to be there ? thanks
  7. 23.1 on short journeys but went out and did a bit of motorway and I got 30.2 so not bad
  8. Hello to you all i am the proud new owner of a kuga from a focus and so far it’s an amazing car 1.5 auto titanium petrol AWD
  9. yes thanks I remember reading that
  10. Hello to all you Focus owners its been good and I have been helped an awful lot with a few problems I've had but sadly From Saturday I take ownership of my new car a Kuga Titanium yay so am staying with ford and I hope the Kuga club are as friendly and as helpful as you lot cheers guys Dave