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  1. Im sure she will love it it is smooth and quick I still can't believe I've got one
  2. Still loving it
  3. Taken it off and guess what ? everything still works LOL
  4. Thanks it was an ex display model so as stoney said I’m gonna rip that sucker off thanks guys
  5. Hello all i have a smartrac sticker on one of my windows just sitting wonky near the middle Can i remove it ? I know it’s something to do with RFID but does it have to be there ? thanks
  6. 23.1 on short journeys but went out and did a bit of motorway and I got 30.2 so not bad
  7. Hello to you all i am the proud new owner of a kuga from a focus and so far it’s an amazing car 1.5 auto titanium petrol AWD
  8. yes thanks I remember reading that
  9. Hello to all you Focus owners its been good and I have been helped an awful lot with a few problems I've had but sadly From Saturday I take ownership of my new car a Kuga Titanium yay so am staying with ford and I hope the Kuga club are as friendly and as helpful as you lot cheers guys Dave
  10. All done and yes the garage had to smash the lock to pieces and it’s cost me £300 😳 i did manage to get door card off with no damage even though I couldn’t open the door but then I was defeated the annoying thing was if I had the door open then I could have done it no problem and saved myself a few quid
  11. soaked it in wd40 and can hear motor working its just not engaging maybe something has come apart or broken i was hoping there might be a secret way of getting the door open without having to butcher the door card