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    Love those wheels
  2. Broken spark plug

    Thanks again guys The RAC man changed the plugs and put stuff round the threads etc etc he was very careful putting plugs in and tightening them he was very good even checked for anything odd before he put plugs in and said there was nothing obvious and it all looked clean and tidy
  3. Broken spark plug

    Thanks guys i might just have a look at coil pack
  4. Broken spark plug

    Yes it was a clean break at the base of the ceramic bit so the plug was in 2 pieces on the first plug it was the top that had broken leaving the threaded bit and ceramic case
  5. Broken spark plug

    That's exactly what the RAC man said but he didn't think they were too tight ? I am hoping I've just been unlucky
  6. Broken spark plug

    Hello you lot in August I had a misfire no engine light the 2nd plug along from timing belt had broken i changed all 4 and all was fine until Thursday just gone cruising along the A2 doing 70 suddenly car started to slow and engine light came on I managed to get off motorway and called RAC he plugged his machine in and code came up saying plug number 2 had a misfire it was the same plug as before and had snapped in half ???? he replaced all four plugs and all is good again he also said he has no idea why a plug would break like that and maybe I had been unlucky Has anybody got a view on this and what might have caused it to break ? Thanks for reading
  7. Idle problem

    hello ippy they call it a silver service which includes a lot of checks oil and filter change and they only do plugs with the gold one so i was lucky the guy mentioned it misfiring cos i had no idea as it drove quite well i know they charge about £75 for labour and then the cost of plugs are £30 PHEW so im glad i did it myself
  8. Idle problem

    Thanks for all your help people it's sorted the garage could not fit me in and gave the game away by saying it shouldn't be a problem as I never had plugs changed on last service so (ting light bulb) went to halfords got a set of Bosch plugs and I changed them it's now running sweeeeeeet one of of the old plugs just fell apart when I took it out so thanks again people I'm well chuffed
  9. Idle problem

    garage said they can't fit me in just yet grrrr but said its got a misfire and shouldn't be too bad ?? i drove it today and it kept stalling when revs got too low
  10. Idle problem

    It's only noticeable then yes
  11. Idle problem

    It's a 2.0 automatic 2008 titanium duratec petrol had a service and mot 2 weeks ago no codes or light on dash
  12. Idle problem

    Just to mention that it's been like it for a couple of months now and today after a long drive back from Hastings I noticed that if I timed it right and pulled away just as it juddered it struggle to accelerate for a second ?
  13. Idle problem

    Hello clever people my focus has developed an annoying flutter or judder while idling ??? when car is warm and I stop at lights or to turn etc etc it judders slightly needle hardly moves and it doesn't feel like it's going to konk out or anything but it is annoying sometimes the needle does move while it judders??? car drives fine otherwise any ideas ? Before I let a garage loose on it thanks for looking
  14. 6000CD aux input location

    mine is to the left as you open the glove box
  15. Rear parking sensors

    new sensor in works perfectly