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  1. Changing A Mk2.5 Number Plate Bulb

    I appreciate your kind gesture. Unfortunately I live in Coventry - although I'd love to move to Yorkshire - but the jobs in my field arent there. Anyway, I will get my local MOT garage sort it out at the time of my MOT - Its just sooo infuriating that I wasn't able to do these 2 apparently simple jobs.
  2. Changing A Mk2.5 Number Plate Bulb

    hi i am worried about about how much pressure to use in case i broke something . I must have spent about 20 mins on this and was apoplectic that something which should have been a 3 min job had turned into a struggle of 'life and death' ! What compounded this issue was that I had to also change a parking bulb and once again i failed as I couldn't work out how this was done. In the process I somehow managed to lose the cover cap for the parking bulb enclosure ! In the end I had to lie down as it got too much for me.
  3. Changing A Mk2.5 Number Plate Bulb

    i tried what you did but NO joy. I cant get the clip past its location -----------This is truly exasperating !! I have an MOT next day and have to fix this and replace a parking bulb which I couldnt do as I dont know how to do it. One youtube video states that I need to turn the plastic paddle clockwise with some very long nose pliers . Who normally keeps long nose pliers ? why cant ford make it easier to remove? Why not use screws ?
  4. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    is their a link to a YouTube video on the location and removal of the EGR valve? Also, if I blank the EGR is this legal and will it affect MOT emissions and/or engine management unit warning lights ?
  5. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    thank you all for your help and assistance. Today i want to my trusted garage and they ran a Foxwell diagnostics which flagged the code P042F which refers to a faulty EGR unit. They advised me to go to a specialist diesel diagnostics repair garage because if the EGR needed to be replaced, the new unit would need to go to be coded to the engine which my local garage couldnt do. (?) The garage also suggested using a can of a good EGR cleaner before going down any repair/replace route as this could cost between £300-£400. However when I called MVC (http://www.midlandvehiclecomponents.co.uk/) to enquire about an EGR cleaner, they suggested using a Wynn brand. They also advised they had a new EGR for my car at £113 and it would 'match the engine code' without the need to have it coded to the engine as it would be a simple case of old one off and new one on as a straight replacement. At this time I need to make an appointment with the specialist garage. Incidentally, I purchased this car on 19 March 2014 from a dealer who gave me a 6 month warranty with a £500 per claim limit. My garage suggested that these types of warranties where as useful as toilet paper! I need to look at the small print in the warranty . Incidentally can you provide instructions or Youtube links to how to clean the EGR unit - either with the spray can or removing it from the car and physically cleaning it.
  6. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    i've read http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/1486-focus-dashboard-secret-trick/page-4b However my Focus doesnt have a trip reset button like i've seen in this Youtube vid Everything is done from the indicator stalk/lever where you have to press menu and scroll to Trip reset setting and then depress the end of the stalk until the 'odometer ' is reset. Can the 'dash code trick' be activated this way?
  7. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    dont know what the 'dash code trick' is - pls explain or if u can tell me which scanner to get, i think Ebay do them for about £15 e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MaxiScan-Diagnostic-MS309-Code-Scanner-Reader-CAN-OBDII-OBD2-EOBD-UK-STOCK-/171224683835?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item27ddc9553b
  8. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    not really - but thanks for the offer :)
  9. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    thanks for the further comments Today , on my way back from work and about 30 mins into my drive, I noticed a loss in power during acceleration. Everything was sort of fine up until this point. As I was queuing to get onto an island, I decided to rev the engine to between 2000 to 3000 revs and keep it there for about 5 secs at a time. I did this a few times. I also switched the engine off and then back on and found that the power had miraculously returned. However a couple of mins further down the road, the engine icon lit up and stayed lit up!! This is the first time I have seen this and can I have to ask if this is associated with me revving the engine (??). However despite this warning light being displayed, the power was still there - well up until the next 30 mins?? As I dont have a diagnostics device, I guess its a trip down to the garage. I do have a 6 months sales warranty worth £500 per claim which may or not help.
  10. Focus Diesel 09 Tdci - Intermittent Loss In Power

    Thanks but no idea what 'dpf' is. Dont know what EGR is either? As for damaged Turbo or blocked fuel filter I honestly would not know - as I said, I am new to diesels. As far as i can see or hear there is no smoke or whistling. No unusual (to me anyway) sounds whatsoever? I also mentioned that there have been no icons lit up on the dash. This would suggest that the management system cannot or has not picked up a fault.
  11. i have recently purchased a 09 plate Focus Style 1.6 TDCI . I have noticed that on occasions 1. whilst 'cruising' at low speed (30mph) in 3rd/4th gear, the engine intermittently experiences a hesitation in power and then its fine again. 2. the engine experiences a loss in power when changing up in gears - normally occurs after driving for a while (about 30 mins) but can be intermittent. When I set off for work in the morning, there is normally a punch in the acceleration as I change up in gears and revs. At other times I dont know if I am imagining this or not ??1? I have also had one experience where I couldn't get any more power whilst going up a mild to moderate hill (10-20% gradient ?) no matter how much I pressed on the pedal. Even changing down and then changing back up didnt seem to make any difference. There are no messages or faults indicated on the dash and the engine idles nice and smooth. This is my first diesel and so I need some guidance/