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  1. Just Passed My Test

    £1944 ??? what insurance company pal? i have 2 cars a 1.8 cmax an i.8 passat and im 29 and pay £3000 on the passat had license 2 n half years never had a crash so how do you get an ST for under 2000? and a license for 23 hours.
  2. Pcm Location?

    hi another day and another problem! can someone please tell me where the PCM / ECU is located on a 2004 1.8 lx cmax? many thanks
  3. B1602 Error Code

    will keep you posted, i need to sort the door out as it still locks on its own accord, i know that they are fitted with an anti hijack system so tried pressing the key twice but still nothing. door opened after a school trip and being locked and unlocked again so i soaked it in wd40 and it happened again an hour later. the clicking noise i can live with for the time being (least until my diagnostic kit arrives). just forked out for a new tyre new discs and pads so plenty to plod on with. will post more info when my kit arrives. Thanks for the advice so far.
  4. B1602 Error Code

    i disconnected the battery for 30 minutes reseting it and the door now opens. the immobiliser wont flash when car is running it just flashes when car is locked and the engine management light has gone :). the cars error code b1602 which is the signal from the key to the ignition. would this cause the clicking on startup or is this something different, when the car starts it sounds like a diesel? i have re-seated all fuses and just ordered a diagnostic kit to try and sort these problems out. I bought this cmax on 14th April this year, it drives fantastic and other than the problem with this clicking which is embarrassing i love this car. I bougg the dealer 5 days after i ht the car from a dealer M&H Cars at Barnsley, when i enquired about the clicking he said its the bearings in the starter motor so it could do with a new one, the passenger door sticks he said so ok i paid 1400 for it with 78,000 on clock and it was me and my wifes ideal car as we have two small children so i gave him the benefit of the doubt. I let a mechanic look round it as it was in for a service who told me the extent of what was wrong. He said that it was the instrument cluster and i was looking at a £550 bill. so i rang the dealer who constantly said its the starter motor and the car is in "A1 condition" i asked for my money back he pretty much told me to F**k Off. So i have decided to fix this car as its what we want and i intend to do the work by myself, so any help with these issues are greatly appreciated. Sorry for my grammer was on a bit of a rant.
  5. B1602 Error Code

    hi guys, i had a diagnostic check on my cmax which returned an b1602 fault, A Defn of B1602 B1602 Ford At some time since last clear a (PATS) key used has not been read satisfactorily. However my passenger door wont open, the immobiliser light flashes about 20 times then goes off and yesterday the engine management light came on. A mechanic told me that its the immobiliser but i think that the other doors wouldnt open if it was that and god only knows why the engine light came on. the car itself runs great but starting it makes a god awful clicking sound that i have been told will eventually will get worse and the car wont start at all. it sounds like the starter motor but i was wondering if anyone has any other thoughts on this.