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  1. Loud Noise Underneath

    Exhaust banging on bodywork? Check the rubbers are all still good.
  2. Beginning to think that this is the start of a power steering pump failure . I can't see any leaks and the fluid (still red not dirty brown) is still at max though.
  3. That's what I was asking. So no joy swapping the rears to the front. I changed all 4 to vredestein Quadrac all weather. Not heard any adverse reports about them. I wouldn't expect any tyres to feel like this.
  4. Have you tried putting the new wheels on the rear to see if that cures it?
  5. Yes same pressures. I tried changing them up and down. Little effect. If I can find a set of wheels I'm going to try putting those on. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Hi, I've recently changed all four tyres to vredestein Quadrac all season tyres and had the alignment done on a four wheel alignment rig. The steering is not the same any more. Notably the wheel when turned slightly doesn't return as if it's lost the castor effect. I took it back and had the alignment rechecked and it's about as perfect as you could get. It sounds similar to the problem experienced by another member on this forum (can't seem to post the link on here???) The car was steering and handling well before. It's a 2006 1.6 ghia with 37k miles. Any ideas?
  7. Did you ever resolve this or find out what the problem was. I've got the same problem after changing all 4 tyres and having the realignment done on a 4 wheel alignment rig and rechecked to see if there was any problems there. It feels as though it's lost the castor effect.
  8. Hi Just introducing myself. I (or the OH anyway) am on the 3rd focus now and will probably buy the same again for the next. Currently have a 2006 1.6 Ghia 37000 miles. Nothing special but it's nice car to drive. Until recently anyway...more of that in the appropriate section