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  1. Hi Guys Anyone having issues with the iPhone 6 not showing up the sync on the fiesta? Its my wife's car and it doesn't find the stereo's bluetooth. Her phone is working fine (iPhone 6 plus) and my 6s works ok with my Ford B Max...
  2. Ford Fiesta 2011 Model: Tracking Query

    Hi Guys, anyone? Ive today noticed that the outside tread appears to be running low?
  3. Ford Fiesta 2011 Model: Tracking Query

    Sorry attached this time! Fiesta.pdf
  4. Hi Guys I need someone who knows tracking configuration to see if the attached PDF is correct. Now first of all when he was setting the configuration he chose a FORD FIESTA 11/01 - 09/08, I queried this straight away and he said that the configuration is still the same these days. So I proceeded with the tracking amendments via KWIK FIT in WEDNESBURY. Since then its been bashing my head and I want to see if I was right to query the car model or infact the tracking results are correct and my car is now configured correctly. Thanks for any assistance
  5. I've had a new fiesta Zetec and also have the retarded voice. I'm going to complain to ford about this.
  6. Indeed picked it up Monday night - loving the smells still lol
  7. USB works fine on my car matey, it's just the woman's voice that sounds strange.
  8. Hey guys Picked up new frozen white Zetec yesterday complete with bluetooth... All working fine including wireless streaming however I have one grumble about the women voice on the Ford Voice Commands. On my previous Style + the womans voice was fairly upbeat, crisp and clear. On the new Zetec Ive found her voice to be sluggish, as if shes under water or been on the pop!? Im presuming my stereo already has the latest firmware applied and have even tried updating but everytime I do it says no files found or something similar. Have tried 3 different USB devices, all extracted to the root of the device and ensured that they are all FAT32 formatted. I have also ensured that I do 1. Switch Stereo on 2. Insert USB 3. Switch Ignition to II Nada, nowt, nothing........ So, question is, is my woman retarded or should I get this booked in with Ford?
  9. Harry so wants to bang Catherines sister!!

  10. There's no way Catherine's hands will be doing anything later after all that waving - unlucky William!!

  11. How much does Gary Lineker get paid for these adverts? What an ejit!

  12. Mk7 Fiesta Daytime Running Lights

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but did you know Ford have these available? http://www.fordeumicrosites.com/en-GB/all_model_catalogue/index.html PAGE 12 MS DESIGN
  13. Bluetooth Audio Settings

    Ok tried the voice controls and it just allows Line In - cant seem to get anything else working on this badboy - must be the bluetooth module.........
  14. Ice Feature Pack 3

    Is this pack everything except USB & Bluetooth Audio? Thanks
  15. My little god daughter is being ultra cute - jut told her what her Mommy said about loving her and she came out in a big smile and a happy sigh x x