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  1. Ford Sync Updates

    Looks like it may be version 5.8 ? if so I already have 5.9
  2. Ford Sync Updates

    do you know the software version this is ? I know its for sync 1.1
  3. Ford Sync Updates

    I see Ford have now discontinued Spotiy App for Sync money cost cuts
  4. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    Very good work but I think my system has proved a perfect solution for the coolant low warning and has now been working for months with no problems. , Your system will have other options for more complex projects but for this coolant warning topic is too complex for what is required. well done for your can bus hacking !
  5. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    you will not have any tailgate wiring for the camera or cables to the front display. I replaced the tailgate trim from another car and had the trim sprayed.. You can not just swap the camera as the camera and the boot release button are not in the same place. I fitted the oem camera and trim in my 2013 titanium x
  6. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I have cleaned and painted mine in silver with direct to rust and after a long trip up and down a motorway and the paint is so far perfect so I am sure it will be ok as water is flowing in these pipes all the time.
  7. Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    I have just done a reset on the audio unit with forscan and a master reset of the sync module from the front display. I then added my phone and tested the system with spotify. I have only just started the testing but looks like this may have solved the problem. The phone used must always have BT turned on and be inside the car when you start up and so far always comes on with spotify If the car is switched on with NO phone or BT off and Spotify not found you will then need to search for the app again but I do not see this a problem as I always have my phone. I do not know if the audio unit required a reset and expect the sync master reset was the main reason. I reset both as I have added many extras like snnc 1.1 and navigation and camera so I also done a reset on the body control module. I will update you to let you know how it goes but looks good so far.
  8. Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    mine does the same with Spotify but sometimes it will work with no problem but often have to search apps again. I wondered if its a power saving thing in my phone but not had time to test it yet . I have a Samsung s7 edge phone
  9. info on LED rear light units fitted on appx 2016 cars

    ok thanks . Not worth upgrade just for the side lights.
  10. Hi , I saw a 65 plate car today and looks like it has LED lamps. Can some one confirm what part of them is LED . I know the side lamp is led and think the indicator is still a bulb but what about the stop lamps , fog and reverse. I was thinking of fitting them on my 2013 car at a later date but not much point if its only led side lamps . any info please and also are the connectors the same .
  11. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    The genuine camera which I used has a data output / control signal to supply the steering lines and head unit control like ZOOM etc. A cheep camera will only give a picture and may have a option on some for guide lines but will NOT alter with the steering position. The genuine camera is more complex to retrofit but well worth it when finished.
  12. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    I run a cable from the engine bay fuse box across the loom at the rear of engine bay via a 1 amp fuse in a spare fuse location. I run the extra power cables when I converted the alarm system to a ST Cat 1 alarm. The fuse only feeds the sensor and the relay and is also easy to check all is well as with the bonnet up as you can see a dim glow from the led on the sensor. I tested my system and tilted the coolant tank while lifted off its mountings and is easy to do.
  13. Parking sensor issue on my 63 Fiesta

    I expect you have a faulty sensor. get a younger person with good hearing and with one ear close to sensors one at a time just as reverse is selected each time with ignition on. Each sensor should make a click sound. The one that dose not sound will be faulty.
  14. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    have you re read your cars config files with forscan as you may have only stored the backup file and not stored the mail file.
  15. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    I am sure the built in 10 second delay will not be a problem as 1 (this will prevent false alarms due to car going up a steep hill) & 2 ( the sensor is monitoring the expansion tank level which is high up so the alarm will trip 10 seconds after about 25 / 30mm coolant level drop so the engine will still have water when alarm sounds ). The 10 seconds delay may be less as only estimated this as I was testing on my own. I also connected the sensor to a constant +12 volt supply as the sensor only takes about 2mA draw Does the bonnet switch warn instantly ? I have only seen the bonnet display with the bonnet open so not tested that but I like the brake warning I have used as it gives dash brake light , front monitor display + warning sounds . That is three warnings at the same time so if that does not work I will be very surprised !