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  1. I would say if they replaced the TCM module and can not read any stored fault codes it could be that the TCM may have a programming (options) error or it needs to be reset after it was programmed. lf it was programmed without hillstart option that would explain the fault. Take it back as they need to check these things
  2. In that case i may as well leave it as it is as the TPMS has worked perfect since i enabled it with forscan
  3. What advantage does the wheels with sensors have then if it does not display the tyre pressures. Does it just tell you the wheel that has lost pressure ? The version i have now just tells you to check tyre pressures but does not know what wheel is low. I was looking for tyre pressure displayed on monitor with the wheel sensor version. Thanks
  4. Ok so must be about a 15 to 16 reg date to have this. Was this standard on a ST ? Any info on part numbers of a Bci module that would have a TPMS built in . I will then look for a used one to program and test
  5. I will give it a go them as I have the sensors and a TPMS computer to program the Sensor ID etc.. I will look into this soon
  6. yes the bcm is the receiver but it would still have wheel arch aerials wired back to the bcm or the signal would be too weak to detect. All the car circuits from other make cars work this way. I can not see the wheel sensors transmitting back to the bcm with no extra wiring and wheel arch aerials but would be very easy retrofit if you are correct. If this does have wheel arch aerials thet would be behind the wheel arch liners so not on show. Thanks again for your help Have you done this upgrade with sensors
  7. Hi , I have retrofitted many upgrades to my mk7.5 fiesta 13 reg inc Sat nav , Front parking , reverse camera Parking sensor on/off switch and TPMS Direct and all to OEM standard functions + High coolant temp early warning system as soon as coolant tank water starts to fall . These all work perfect and done the programming with Forscan. The TPMS I just reprogramed and reset the ABS ECU for direct TPMS (without wheel sensors) . I now have a complete Diagnostic equipment + stand alone TPMS program / config + faults + Sensor activate etc.... Question . I would like to retrofit the OEM TPMS system with 4 wheel Sensors so I can monitor tyre pressures of each wheel etc. Does any one have any info on a ciruit diagram of the 4 x wheel arch aerials and where they wire to. ? I would think this may be back to the body control ecu as do not think this model had had a TPMS ecu ? I know in forscan the ecu can be config to have TPMS with sensors so apart from program 4 wheel sensors with my kit + instal wheel arch areals and wire them back to the body ecu ? Just would like to know and circuit info or any one done this ? Also if I was looking to get the wheel aerials from scrap cars which year models had them as standard with TPMS with wheel sensors . My car is Titanium X 125 ecoboost 2013. Was this standard from 2014 with TPMS Wheel sensors ? Thanks for any help in advance
  8. sounds like he does not understand aircon systems ! The only way to confirm the charge level is RECOVER and note weight , VAC system for 30 mins , RECHARGE R134a buy WEIGHT for the make model of car. If he put his gauge set / machine onto the car the pressures would be low when running but the only 100% way is above and then if still faulty see what the pressures are and you will be able to fault find.
  9. ok thanks I will check to see what I have. I tested my boot again today and the first open / close it went off after about 60 seconds but did not go off the next three open closes. I would check yours a few times to confirm its ok as mine does not always do it. I wondered if it needs the external supply to be configured as the car would not have had this set when built ?
  10. I have had my system fail after a long trip but also the air flow through the vents slows up. This is due to the evaporator freezing up due to a problem with the evap temp sensor . A overcharged system would also give the same problem if it freezes up. If the airflow is still normal the fault could also be due to moisture in the system which is freezing up look for fault codes with the climate control first with forscan
  11. yes it should as I have keyless entry and as long as the key is in your pocket all you need to do is press the boot button and you can load or unload the boot with the alarm set to on. With no key on you the boot does not open. This was how it all worked before the alarm was changed over to the ST version. Just thinking are the ST cars Keyless ? as if not may be this could be part of the problem but as it all worked with the old alarm I just dot know yet Do you have keyless entry ?
  12. when I fist fitted the st alarm a few months ago now all seamed to work perfect but did not use the boot much. The first problem I noticed was alarm was sounding when weather was cold or damp but no indicators flashing and unable to stop this with the remote. I came to conclusion as no indicators were flashing the alarm had not triggered so must be a faulty sounder. I then fitted another sounder and now the alarm sounder and indicators work together ok. I then had the alarm keep going off but not all the time and came to the conclusion the ultrasonic sensor must be faulty. I replaced the sensor and removed the fuse to the sounder so not sure if it still goes off but if the car is double locked and after a few mins I then go to the boot and open this with the touch button alarm does not seam to go off. When I then shut the boot the indicators flash twice and about 60 seconds later the indicators are flashing . I have no sounder due to fuse out while testing. I was wanting to cure the boot problem first and then see how it worked. I still have the standard sounder fitted and connected but did not think this would be the problem as is now not programmed for that. I have now seen the extra settings in engineering 2 +hid . Did you set yours to external alarm supply as I did not do that?
  13. I will look tomorrow but I remember setting Cat 1 Alarm and Interior motion sensor and think I played with ( RESET If alarm = Retrigger but think this is wrong did not see the other settings you listed. That could be the problem. retrigger Have you wired and fitted the sensor and new battery backed sounder yet. If so have you tested it yet ? I can open the tailgate and does not go off but when I slam it shut it goes off about a 60 seconds later. I have the sounder fuse removed while I am testing this as was a pain when it kept going off. I have the option on the screen to disable interior sensor when I turn the engine off but not sure this is working as displayed. I do not see options for Level sensor , Passive , Panic or External alarm unit supply.
  14. I will think about it when you give me the pressures as that is where you start with ac that will tell me what the system is doing if any this is working etc
  15. ok that would make sense as I added a camera and front parking sensors but they are all working fine My options are PATTERN 1 (N/A) or PATTERN 2 (S/C) as I have front and rear Pattern 2 ? any member with camera front and rear sensors can read your PAM scan pattern config please ?
  16. on the ecoboost its on the off side lower front but you will see two large hose / pipes going to it what every engine you have
  17. If it had gas before the recharge we take it has not worked after I would need to know what the static pressures are and then the hi and low pressures with AC switched on with AC if the Compressor clutch is spinning you need to know the pressures so ask the garage that recharged it last ?
  18. Hi I have retrofitted a ST alarm system to my Titanium X but I have a problem with the movement sensor and think it may be a setting to do with PAM SCAN PATTERN ? Does any one know what PAM stands for or can you tell me what your Mk7.5 Setting is for PAM scan pattern , in Forscan as mine says incorrect or not configured Any owners of a ST mk7.5 Fiesta which has interior alarm sensor the problem I have is interior sensor triggers alarm some times and if tailgate is opened and shut with alarm set is goes off after tailgate is shut thanks
  19. was the system empty last time ? If so he should of pressure tested first but I expect many garages do not have the equipment to do this. Gas is not safe to handle unless you have a licence. R134a boils at -26.3 deg
  20. No If the system is empty (not in this case) that almost always means it has a leak. The pressure (static) is almost the same if it has 80g of gas or 600g . The only way to ensure the correct charge is always recover , vac out system and recharge by weight of r134a. The leak test can be found with tracer dye / electronic leak detector or pressure test with Oxygen free nitrogen before recharging.
  21. The problem is most garages just recharge the A/C system without confirming the system has no leaks ! . I always find the leaks first and then recharge . Finding leaks takes time of which garages do not want to do. The price of R134a is now expensive so as well as being a legal requirement to find the leak first it also saves money on gas and better for the planet. No 1 Leak is often the Condenser with a pin hole .
  22. I have the same stud broken on my engine and need the part number if any one knows please. I do not think you will have a problem removing the old one as it has a 10mm nut below the stud part so should just unscrew as would think the nut is fixed. need to do this job soon
  23. the system is very low on R134a. This requires a recovery , vac out system and a full recharge will solve it. Do not use until its done as the compressor may be low on oil due to low gas flow
  24. often the alternator is still at fault even when it is still charging ok. I have found when a wire brakes is will not charge at all.