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  1. 6000Cd And Bluetooth Music Streaming?

    Ahh, that is a very interesting solution! I hadn't considered something like that. Thank you very much For £12 it's worth a try!
  2. 6000Cd And Bluetooth Music Streaming?

    Hmmm, that's a shame, as I mount my phone to the very right of the windscreen and the jack is in the storage compartment between the two front seats…Could get messy with wires everywhere :P
  3. Hullo!

    Hi Lenny, Yes, the Fiesta is a diesel too. Forgive my ignorance (and possibly improper place of posting), but what does the EGR valve do? Are there any negative effects to blanking it?
  4. Good morning all, I've had my Mondeo for a couple of months and have mainly been busy with moving house and a new job to have a proper look at what it can/can't do. Very quickly I got my iPhone 5 paired up over Bluetooth to send/receive calls and that all works fine. Having read the documentation that came with the car (which spans several variations of car and stereo model), I believe there may be the functionality to stream music from my iPhone to the stereo, however I just cannot figure out how to do it... Playing music on my iPhone just makes the music come out of the iPhone speaker. I've tried turning the stereo to AUX with no luck. My previous vehicle didn't have Bluetooth and I'd bought a Jawbone earpiece, when using that and playing music the iPhone would give the option to use the Jawbone as a speaker. I don't see a similar option on the iPhone when it's paired to the Mondeo. There doesn't seem anything obvious in the menus. There are two buttons on there stereo, both have a folder on them, and one has an arrow pointing into the folder, the other out of it. I've pressed these while the phone has been paired and it doesn't seem to do anything. Issuing voice commands doesn't seem to do anything either... Is it that my variation of the 6000CD lacks this functionality? Should all 6000CD's have this functionality but mine is broken? It baffles me that if something was broken/missing that the handsfree works... Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hullo!

    Good morning all! I know little to nothing about cars, I'm a computer person most of the time. I drive a 03/2013 reg Mondeo 2.0TDCi Zetec (according to my documentation…) which I've had for a couple of months (previous owner was a rental firm, I received it at just under 1 year old and just under 8k on the clock). My partner drives our 2009 1.6 Fiesta. As I mentioned I'm mostly interested in computers. I studied computer science in Aberystwyth and found a job working on the first installation of a new computer based railway signalling system (ERTMS). I've recently moved to Somerset to work for an IT consultancy firm. I'm a Mac user mostly, with my other areas of expertise being around UNIX and Linux systems. Apart from computers I'm interested in the evolution of language and enjoy reading about etymology, phonology, and typography.