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  1. Cannot Communicate With Abs

    Just an update, I got it sorted. .. For anyone else having this problem and not wanting to pay fords £500+ check the wiring on your plug matches the wiring on the plug you are taking it from. . Even across the same models there are variations, one fiesta had a different plug all together and another fiesta was the right one for the fusion. Fitted it and it worked straight off... no reprogramming needed Thanks again for your assistance, Mike
  2. Cannot Communicate With Abs

    Continuity between those pins is fine, thank you for pointing me in the right direction for the test, I think now we can say the wiring loom is ok? One thing I forgot to mention, there is no speed reading from the obd software, it shows the revs and vacuum but not vehicle speed. we're away from tomorrow until Thursday so nothing else we can do before then but we will try and get hold of a similar module and try that... maybe even try the one off my car as we know that works to see if we do change it for a second hand one, that it will work. thank you again for your continued help, I will update you when I have more news. Regards, Mike
  3. Cannot Communicate With Abs

    Those colours I mentioned in my last post are all wrong. .. we took a module off a focus and the connection block... wrongly assumed they were the same. Apart from the colours being different, the fusion has wires to pins 16 (gn/bk) and 18 (grey) where the ford doesn't. . Looks like it's a slightly different module. Will have to first try and find a correct one before going any further. What would the model number be? There are several numbers ABS 10.0970-0132.3 00007916H5 (Printed on) > PBT GF30 < (Embossed)
  4. Cannot Communicate With Abs

    Hi, thanks for your reply and info.. from that diagram, pins 1, 4 and 32 on the abs module are live, and 41 goes live when the brake pedal is pressed. It is only a 26 pin connector block. pin 1- red pin 2- brown/blue pin 3- white/blue pin 5- white/red pin 6- brown/red Pin 8- brown pin 9- white pin 11- white/green pin 12- brown/green pin 14- red pin 20- green/yellow Pin 21- blue/orange pin 23- white/red pin 26- black it is possible the second unit is faulty as it was from a scrap yard. are there any other tests we can do before buying another one? Regards, Mike
  5. Hi, first of all, sorry my first post is a cry for help. I'm a little stuck trying to fix my friends fusion, getting a "Cannot communicate with ABS module" and "Incorrect odometer reading" error messages. The odometer won't display vehicle speed and there is no trip/milage data displayed, just ---- (engine management and ABS lights are on) I'll start from the beginning, I was wiring a gas conversion kit for a friend, struggling to feed a wire through the rubber grommet from under the bonnet to behind the glove box. My friend said try drilling a hole separate from the loom, the drill slipped and went into the loom (the battery was still connected and something shorted out) I told him to disconnect the battery which he did and i then repaired the 2 broken wires and insulated the several damaged ones. He drove it that evening and didn't notice anything odd. However, the following day he noticed the symptoms described above. I checked all the fuses behind the glove box with a multimeter and re-checked the loom for breaks. I then noticed one of the wires that was cut (green and yellow) went to the ABS module and was on the non-fused side. My friend got someone out to diagnose it, who said the ABS module was fried. we replaced the module with a second hand one, reset the engine management light and still got the same code back U0121 lost communication with ABS module I then checked the voltages to the block (pin 1 and 14 constant live ok, pin 20 switched live and pin 26 ground both ok) Would someone be able to help me with this? how do i check the CAN wires? I read that you have to disconnect the battery, then check for resistance <5ohms between pin 6 of the OBD port to pin 12 (white/blue wire) and pin 14 of the OBD port to pin 13 abs (white wire) the pin info on the ABS side was incorrect so i went off the wire colours and didn't get a reading, could someone confirm this? the white and white/blue wired weren't damaged. Sorry for the long post, just tried to give as much detail as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike