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  1. Ye the rear valance on the Focus S looks like it's been designed for dual exhausts! Pick the car up tomorrow so will have a wee play with the buttons then ;)
  2. Ok so I've bought the 1.0 Ecoboost, test drove it yesterday and went ok. It has the upgraded alloys, city pack, rear electic windows and privacy glass - looks good in white! ☺️ Didn't get the chance to drive the diesel version but weighing up running costs, there was not much between them and I prefer the smoother petrol engine. I'm thinking a dual exit exhaust will set it off so will look into fabricating one. I noticed when starting the car, the fob was in a compartment and I simply pushed the power button, would this mean the car has keyless entry aswell or is that a separate extra? CheeRS
  3. Ye I know it's gonna feel a bit slow but I'm just downsizing the car as we are buying two to replace the Insignia. You'd have thought with the Zetec Sport that the exhaust would show on all engine sizes eh!
  4. Ye my last car was an Insignia 160bhp diesel vxline but kinda like the smoothness of the petrol engines now. But I do 30miles of motorway per day! So what's the deal with the visible tailpipes on MK3 Focus S then?
  5. Hey cheers, I'm thinking the same about the petrol engine. Ive put a deposit down on the 1.0 and should get a test drive early next week but the lesser miles and cheaper diesel is appealing... Is it free tax on the focus 1.0? I'm sure Parkers website quoted £30? Also, is the tailpipe visible on the TDCI ?
  6. Ok so I need to pick what Mk3 Focus to buy, either a 1.6 TDCI or 1.0 Ecoboost. Both are 2012 models in white. TDCI - 10,000 miles @ £12.5k. Ecoboost - 23,000 miles @ £13k The TDCI will cost £20 less in payments per month but Ecoboost sounds a little more exciting? I'm travelling around 10,000 miles per year, what's the real MPG's people are seeing with these models and what would you go for? CheeRS