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  1. I Return! With More Metal Then I Left With!

    Worse mate.. much worse.. a Bright Orange, 'West Coast' Saxo
  2. I Return! With More Metal Then I Left With!

    I think he was done for a string of things, when I can get outta bed, in a few hours I'll have a look for you. My BrotherInLaw is popping around with my sister probably tomorrow and he's bringing the wire for the GoPro for me, it's mine but he's borrowed it as he was just in Afghanistan. I'll definitely get it uploaded for you lol
  3. I Return! With More Metal Then I Left With!

    It was about 3 or 4 days after my post about my MOT, it failed on a small hole on the seal below the back right door, so I drove it to work for one of our welders to handle for me, and took to 2 wheels, we employed a few newbies for the night shift and I volunteered to train a few of them, on the way to said shift, the scumbag took me out. I've spent most of my days either asleep, or high as a kite of painkillers lol. The insurers paid up right away, and he was nicked by the police on the same night, he even stood there blubbering like a baby, whilst I was trying to sit up and get my hands on him once they had given my Morphine. I'll have a ton of physio to do, even now I have some minor ones, stitches are all gone, just a few scars and a bit achy, nights are the worst, I end up sat on the patio with the dog in the dead of night to have a quick cig when I really hurt lol. Thankfully, I wear extra armour underneath an already padded jacket, and I had Kevlar jeans and proper boots on, so it could have been a hella lot worse.
  4. I Return! With More Metal Then I Left With!

    Yeah I'm alright Sean, it P***ed me off more then any thing that someone would have such disregard and sever lack of common sense to do what he did
  5. I Return! With More Metal Then I Left With!

    Put it this way.. I'm no longer a fan of flying lol. As far as I'm aware, the kid was arrested, and I'm waiting for a court date, his insurance have already paid out and it was a fair bit too a my bike was a 12 plate. I'm getting paper work together at the moment for loss of earnings and so on for the compo, now it's just going to be a bit of recovering and I'll be running around a padded cell in no time!
  6. Photo Location Game

    Hey Guys! I have no picture, but I am alive! Totally Pilled up at the moment, don't worry, it's all legal painkillers lol. I posted in the General Discussion to let you lot of rebels know I'm ok, and share a story of what the Monkeys happened, I'd explain here, but I need to go and lay down and fall asleep lol. Peace
  7. Alas My Amigo's! I return. Now I had a good group of friends on here, that would have last seen me on the Photo Location Thread, excepting the challenge to get a cop inside my car and get a picture, unfortunately recent events have stopped me doing as much, though I could have got a Air Ambulance Chopper! I do indeed have a Ghia, but I also.. had.. a DT125 for the summer really. I say had, because it's now crushed somewhere. I was whirring along on my ways to a night shift, starting at 11pm, down the same road I always drive. New Tarmac, no streets lights. Heading towards a notorious black spot for accidents, now the road I was on, goes straight through, the roads of the left and right are staggered from each other and even hugely signposted. What I didn't expect, was for some complete moron to be coming from the left, with no headlights on. As his friend in the car told the police, he had turned his lights off to see if any car was coming so he could barrel straight over, and my god he did. Straight into the side of me, I saw him coming, snatched up the front brake, and stomped on the back brake and flew down gears like a mad man. But nothing I could do, if I ditched the bike I risked getting ran straight over. So, this kid hit me, sent me flying. We're not talking EasyJet flying, we're talking stunt plane. Fast Take off, several twists and turns, and slamming down onto the road. He did indeed stop, though he had little choice, the front of my bike was a passenger in his grill and engine compartment. I broke my foot, a double open fracture on my lower leg, fractured my hip, this all being the side he had hit. I dislocated 4 fingers, gained a concussion, form being out cold for a moment, and totally smashed my elbow when I came down, that now has 2 plates and screws holding it together. Now those that know me, will know I also have a full metal shoulder, that survived, and I hope so, or Terminator was a lie and he was easy to kill! The purpose of this post is A, let you guys know I'm alright, and B, tell people if you turn your lights off to get a quick cross over the road.. just don't.. I'll come and pay you a visit other wise. So the Ghia keys are on the hook for a while, certainly cannot drive on these awesome Meds, this gives me more time to catch up on what I've missed, and stalk you guys on what you're all up to. Needles to say I'll be buying a mass of car parts with my SSP :D. I'll have to get the Thumbs up from a staff member to do this I think. But I had a GoPro on at the time, so if anyone you want to see me fly, see a mass of Police, Paramedics and even an AirAmbulance turn up, I can post a link, as Bonus material, you'll also see me getting leathers cut off, and you'll see my SpongeBob Boxers, this is a limited offer while stocks lasting [Oi Oi]. There's not a mass of blood and gore, you don't see my open fracture, just hear a minor amount of swearing from me, and in a very confused state I try to get up and get my hands on the driver, and what the Paramedics did. That's about all I have to say, I seriously need my morning dose of Oramorph now! Drive save my friends. Jay
  8. Photo Location Game

    Too late! MOT in half hour, fingers crossed. I don't know any officers.. But I'm going to walk in the police station and actually ask one to sit in my car tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me.. Come and bail me out!
  9. This Is Me!

    You're clearly heading in the right direction with that attitude mate, and your mum just be very proud of you. Definitely got the right idea's, care to come and teach my brother some of that? Haha. Though you'll be surprised how quickly you could get a 1.2 to 70 when you rattle through the gears!
  10. This Is Me!

    I back that opinion 100% James. Got a great steep hill on the way to work, down to 3rd to get up that beast. Doesn't help that Dad tried to use the key that I said was for Unlock only as it had no Chip, what did he do... tried several times to start it with said key. Flooded it, and now I think I have a spark out. It's intermittent, cuts in like a turbo at random times.. On second thoughts.. I might keep it.. haha
  11. Photo Location Game

    Police Officer sat in the driver seat you say? Challenge excepted, give me 5 days from tomorrow, as long as my car Passed the Mot Tomorrow that is. :D :P
  12. This Is Me!

    I wouldn't dare try Golf! Still getting used to having full mobility in my right arm, good old Biomedical Mechanics, all metal. But no super strength, so I won't be on the silver screens aside Arnold with red eyes and stuff. She looks good mate, definitely going to have to throw me some pictures once it's all done up after the weekend. I think window tint looks awesome on the Fiesta's, just not mine, too old I think. That and I'm in the stages of basic repairs, and MOT Tomorrow, which hopefully it'll pass. With reference to the paint, try Halfords, just shy of £7 for a can. I gave them the reg at the weekend, they matched the paint and threw me a can, job done. Now I just need it to be dry outside so I can cover up my yellow patches of Filler Primer. Yellow on Silver is not a good look!
  13. Wheel Balance, it's the small weights they clip on the side of your wheel, not very expensive I'm being told.
  14. Fair enough, I'll google it and have a rummage. But I would seriously recommend leaving that bad boy on the drive for now, it may not have broken yet, but there is nothing to say it's not well on its way, and god forbid it goes on the Motorway and you lose control. Just be careful my friend, I'll google now and get back to you.
  15. This Is Me!

    Mod's or no mod's, it'll still be your Pride and Joy mate, I've derusted my little shed and done a few other things, next thing is a stereo I think! You seem like a level headed lad, a year older then my brother who is at the complete opposite end of the scale. Just watch out who you get in a car with as well. Better to be 5 minutes late home, to the girlfriends, or the party, then to be 5 minutes early at the pearly gates.