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  1. Cylinder Misfires

    I took the remap off and went back to defaults. The problem has gone away and the engine fault light. This is the second bluefin remap that has gone wonky on me. They seem stable for a month then everything goes '!Removed! oop'?
  2. Cylinder Misfires

    I'm not sure whether the bluefin remap or something else may be at fault? Anyone know the cause and remedy of cylinder misfires. See below torque logs: Fault log report generated by Torque for Android ================================================= Vehicle VIN: WF0EXXGXXXXXXXXX Vehicle Manufacturer: Ford Vehicle Calibration ID: BG91-14C204-LH Current Fault Log ------------------ P0351: Ignition Coil "A" Primary/Secondary Circuit P0300: Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected P0301: Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected Pending Fault Log ------------------ P0302: Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected P0304: Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected Historic Fault Log ------------------ ECU reports no historic faults Other discovered fault codes (possibly pending, current or manufacturer specific) ---------------------------------------------------- ECU reports no other fault codes logged End of report.
  3. Witter Tow Bar?

    I have this Witter tow bar fitted to my vehicle, well it’s in the boot. I have no idea how to use it? Anyone have a manual for it or an idiots guide? Cannot see anything on their website?
  4. Waxing Your Car.

    Just picked up a new pressure washer last week so had a go today. 1. Jet washed 2. Foam sprayed with Linntec proffesional 3. Rinsed 4. Bucket and mit wash with Beaphar Guinea Pig & Rabbit Shampoo (no !Removed! yer') 5. Fibre towel dry 6. Waxed with poorboys natty wax paste Looks mint!
  5. Ps Rating?

    Did bluefin at weekend. Fuel usage doesn't budge off 25mpg. Torque is unreal. Very very pleased, with performance! :D
  6. Average Psi In Ecoboost 2.0?

    Not answering the question sorry (leave for experts) but, which boost gauge are using and how have you fitted it? Got any piccies?
  7. Wing Mirror Repair.

    Ta da! I'm no Tony Hart. Colour goes well.
  8. Waxing Your Car.

    Yowser mega shiny! Good effort Sent from my Moto G using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Ayup Me Hearties!

    Ta bud. Will get round to it :)
  10. Wing Mirror Repair.

    Ordered. Never seen it before!
  11. Electric Seat Buttons

    To be honest mate i didnt really understand that bit? But the seat is saved to button 1. Whats a passive key, I have two key fobs but me and the missus uses the same one?
  12. Wing Mirror Repair.

    Anyone know a good method of filling the hole please...neatly?
  13. Electric Seat Buttons

    Thanks Stoney it worked. Sent from my Moto G using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Ayup Me Hearties!

    I've not tried the manual gear changing too much but you may be right. Sent from my Moto G using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Ayup Me Hearties!

    Its pretty damn fine I must admit. I do find a bit of lag in the lower gears which I would like to try to address...somehow?