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  1. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    Even though my experience varies from Zico's and Oldbean's (and thanks to both) - I had neither a .log or a .xml file - when I return to the Ford website I find "Your software is already up-to-date. No action is required." So I'm content.
  2. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    Yes that's exactly what I have but in addition I find a file "interlog_20180406143454" and I supposed that must be the one I'm asked to upload to Ford (but I don't know how). Just to recap: car is updated to SYNC3, version3, build 18025. All that (slightly!) bothers me is the final step where one is supposed to upload a log file to Ford. I'm inclined to do nothing more.
  3. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    Now I'm sorry to be especially dim here but despite Zico's help I still don't see how to upload the log file in order to complete the update by USB procedure. I've gone back to the Ford SYNC & Maps software page, entered my VIN, clicked "Browse for log file" and I've located a log file on my USB stick - it can only be this one "utloggingutility.Interlog_utility " but now what? Opening the log file yields in Notepad:- " InterrogatorLog() + CopyInterrogatorLog + Interrogator log generation unsuccessful CopyInterrogatorLog - InterrogatorLog() - getVINnumber thread already terminated" . It doesn't look promising! Maybe it's not important anyway? BTW it's build number 18025.
  4. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    I've a suspicion that we're not permitted to cross-reference to other forums - but I'll try anyway. This exchange is relevant http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/378769-sync-3-and-waze/ and it suggests I'm being premature. Just trying to be at the cutting edge!
  5. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    I think it's intended to be a neater way of accessing Waze rather than the method which worked even before updating SYNC3 which was to fire up Android Auto and Waze on Android smartphone and connect phone to car with USB lead. Something newsworthy seems to have happened recently with Waze and SYNC3 but I confess to being a bit confused.....
  6. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    Has anyone made this work?
  7. wealdman

    Ford Protect

    I owned a Mk7 Fiesta for just over 8 years, a Mk1 Focus for 10 years and I never needed any of those items except for a replacement windscreen which was covered by my insurance.
  8. wealdman

    Sync 3 version 3

    I have failed to update over Wi-Fi, an update was never found despite being in range of my home network. However I have succeeded by the USB method. Now I'm faced with this:- “When your update has finished installing in your vehicle, it will create a log file (on your USB flash drive). Please use this page to send the log file and we will know if your system installation has worked.” I've located the log file, it must be the one “utloggingutility.Interlog_utility” but how do I send it to Ford in order to complete the operation?
  9. wealdman

    Improving handling?

    As others have said tyres, tracking, suspension all must be OK. If problems remain then I reckon the answers are to be found within the question. Look well ahead and, except for the very rare unexpected, DON'T “ brake anywhere near hard” on bad road surfaces or anywhere else for that matter. DON'T “throw it around the corners”. So this takes the fun out of driving? Yes but driving on public roads isn't the place for fun. Getting from A to B reliably time after time and without troubling anyone else is what matters. Sorry to be boring but I've 59 years of driving experience in 20 countries and (tempting providence here!) I haven't crashed anything yet though I'll admit to a few scares.
  10. wealdman

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Only a titanium? Nonsense , it's lovely! I wouldn't want "sporty" features and especially not a firmer suspension. I bet that panoramic roof, besides stealing headroom, will leak one day.
  11. wealdman

    Correct PS/BHP

    Seems a dodgy dealer to me. Very careless at best, a crook at worst. Don't settle for 100PS if you really wanted 125PS or you'll regret it for ever. Personally I'd send the car back and demand a full refund ASAP.
  12. wealdman

    Correct PS/BHP

    Are we talking about the latest shape (Mk8) Fiesta? If it is then another check is to look at the rear brakes. 100PS has drums, 125PS has discs. I agree with williamweb. If it's definitely a 100PS then you have been seriously short-changed and if the dealer won't instantly put matters right to your satisfaction then it's a case for your local Trading Standards people.
  13. My shiny brand new Mk8 Titanium stood ready, perfectly placed for me to drive away easily in a smooth curve. The salesman, having explained many of its features, returned to the showroom. I started the engine for the first time. Then someone drove on to the forecourt and parked awkwardly. I needed to reverse a bit. Confidently I smacked the gear lever to the right and pulled it towards me. It didn't feel good and on gingerly bringing up the clutch the car inched forward and stalled – obviously in 6th. Restarted, pushed gear lever down hard, tried again. No good, stalled again. Tried again, pulling lever up. Still no good. Several more attempts – total fail! Feeling a complete idiot I rushed back to showroom, rudely interrupting salesman's dealings with another customer, to learn that there's a collar around the gear lever which has to be lifted. Fifty-eight years of driving experience and I didn't know that! Hopefully I may spare some embarrassment for a new owner encountering a six-speed gearbox for the first time.
  14. wealdman

    My poor ST :(

    In 2014 I paid £257 to replace the complete wing mirror (the powered variety) on my Titanium after misjudging a narrow gap. Cover was £45, mirror £129 and labour £80 and then VAT. The boss said wing mirror replacement was one of their best sellers.
  15. I think I have read somewhere that the pack (or parts of it?) can be disabled but that it comes back on by default each new journey which could perhaps be an irritation. Interesting comments, thanks everyone and keep them coming especially from anyone who actually has this pack in a Mk8. Whether it would be possible to add the pack to my order with the build date 5 weeks away I have yet to find out.