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  1. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Only a titanium? Nonsense , it's lovely! I wouldn't want "sporty" features and especially not a firmer suspension. I bet that panoramic roof, besides stealing headroom, will leak one day.
  2. Correct PS/BHP

    Seems a dodgy dealer to me. Very careless at best, a crook at worst. Don't settle for 100PS if you really wanted 125PS or you'll regret it for ever. Personally I'd send the car back and demand a full refund ASAP.
  3. Correct PS/BHP

    Are we talking about the latest shape (Mk8) Fiesta? If it is then another check is to look at the rear brakes. 100PS has drums, 125PS has discs. I agree with williamweb. If it's definitely a 100PS then you have been seriously short-changed and if the dealer won't instantly put matters right to your satisfaction then it's a case for your local Trading Standards people.
  4. My shiny brand new Mk8 Titanium stood ready, perfectly placed for me to drive away easily in a smooth curve. The salesman, having explained many of its features, returned to the showroom. I started the engine for the first time. Then someone drove on to the forecourt and parked awkwardly. I needed to reverse a bit. Confidently I smacked the gear lever to the right and pulled it towards me. It didn't feel good and on gingerly bringing up the clutch the car inched forward and stalled – obviously in 6th. Restarted, pushed gear lever down hard, tried again. No good, stalled again. Tried again, pulling lever up. Still no good. Several more attempts – total fail! Feeling a complete idiot I rushed back to showroom, rudely interrupting salesman's dealings with another customer, to learn that there's a collar around the gear lever which has to be lifted. Fifty-eight years of driving experience and I didn't know that! Hopefully I may spare some embarrassment for a new owner encountering a six-speed gearbox for the first time.
  5. My poor ST :(

    In 2014 I paid £257 to replace the complete wing mirror (the powered variety) on my Titanium after misjudging a narrow gap. Cover was £45, mirror £129 and labour £80 and then VAT. The boss said wing mirror replacement was one of their best sellers.
  6. I think I have read somewhere that the pack (or parts of it?) can be disabled but that it comes back on by default each new journey which could perhaps be an irritation. Interesting comments, thanks everyone and keep them coming especially from anyone who actually has this pack in a Mk8. Whether it would be possible to add the pack to my order with the build date 5 weeks away I have yet to find out.
  7. The build date of the Mk 8 Titanium 125 that I have ordered has slipped back a month. With even more time to brood over its precise specification I am wondering whether I've been wise not to select the £200 Driver Assistance Pack (Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Distance Indication and Distance Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control). Most of my driving is on country roads and very seldom at night. One reviewer noted that the pack could be troublesome in narrow country lanes and recommended not specifying it. Others say that if the Pre-Collision Assist should come into play then the resulting stop is violent. On the other hand some reviewers think it a “no-brainer” which will pay for itself if even one collision is prevented and there's even a suggestion that insurance might in future be lower if fitted. Comments welcome!
  8. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    Me too. Build date 22 September, delivery mid-October. As a gently driving oldie it obviously makes sense to go for the 100PS Titanium.......but as this will almost certainly be my final new car I thought it time to go a trifle wild and have ordered the 125PS. Jsk's remarks about the rear disc brakes, which come with the 125PS and not with the 100PS are interesting though I doubt mine will get much use.
  9. Engine size

    Eight years ago I decided to buy a new Mk7 Fiesta. I read (perhaps Honest John of the Daily Telegraph) that the 1.25 engine was particularly “sweet” and a test drive confirmed this. It purred smoothly along like a well-oiled sewing machine but I felt that it didn't have much power to spare. No-one at that time had much to say about the 1.4 engine and I have no experience of it. I ordered the 1.6 without having had a test drive and at first was a trifle disappointed. It was somehow “coarser” than the 1.25 and although more powerful it didn't seem exactly flexible. The driving experience was not enhanced by the suspension which was a bit firm for my taste. Everything changed after a time. The engine became smooth, more flexible and a smaller wheel size (see the thread “Wheel transplant”) helped with the ride comfort. My conclusion is that the 1.6 engine of that vintage is wonderful. Much more than enough “oomph” for an old gentle driver like me. Reasonably economical with about 44mpg according to the on board computer. It uses no oil and nothing has gone wrong.
  10. What colour?

    The number plate's blue background and EU stars is going to look dated once Brexit is upon us. I don't want to look like a football fanatic with the English cross of St George. I've been thinking of a red background to the Union Flag and GB just to give a touch of colour to the Magnetic grey Fiesta I have on order.
  11. How to turn traction control off?

    I found traction control to be a terrible nuisance when trying to move slowly uphill in a traffic queue on an icy slope. The tiniest bit of slippage and power was cut off. The subject was discussed on this forum years ago. So far as I can remember I think some Fiestas have a switch, some can have a switch added, some people advised pulling out a fuse ....there didn't seem to be a single solution to fit every Fiesta.
  12. 1.0l ecoboost : 100 vs 125

    Any opinions welcome on which engine is the "sweeter" - by which I mean that elusive combination of quietness, smoothness and flexibility. Or perhaps there's no difference? Never mind the top speed, the ultimate in acceleration or even the expense!
  13. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    The Titanium X was there a few days ago on the Ford configurator and it let me "build" a Fiesta with a spare wheel even though the printed brochure says you can't have one presumably because the wheel well will be filled with Bang and Olufson electronics. Actually I value a spare wheel more highly than an upmarket audio system which I would seldom use because I try to concentrate 100% on driving. So it's back to the configurator, looking at the plain Titanium.
  14. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    The Titanium X has vanished from the Ford configurator! Just when I was beginning to think it was the one for me...
  15. Price increase already!

    This was the mk8. Seems a trifle odd to have a promotion on a car that hasn't even reached the showrooms yet but there's no accounting for the ways of manufacturers. At the moment I'm just daydreaming and playing with the configurator. I'll certainly use Carwow and/or Drivethedeal should I decide to proceed. The problem is that my present Fiesta, even at 8 years old, still looks and goes wonderfully well. Built in Valencia (they aren't made there nowadays) nothing has ever gone wrong with it.