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  1. here for sale is my husbands 1.6 ford escort finesse being sold as spares and repairs due to the cam belt snapping and damaging the 16 valves so does not start as there is no compression but we have had a new fan belt and cam timing belt fitted hence finding the damage have been told it would be an easy fix just a new engine and all fixed but moving house we haven't got the cash to do it it, it has full leather interior with custom fitted front racing seats, angel eye front lights and fog lights black lexus style back lights cd stereo with mp3 capacity and usb so you can hook up an iPod or your iPhone it also has 3 sets of wing mirrors the normal ones that are on the car as well as m3 style black wing mirrors and blue mirrors with built in indicators it has 5 alloys (one as the spare wheel) the four on the car have 2 month old tyres on them and has been driven 4 times since fitting also included are Sony xpod stereo speakers that need fitting there are two spoilers a standard blue one on the car currently and a mauve one with brake light built in a spare rear back wiper motor currently has a valid mot only advisories were cv gaiter it also has valid tax and about 1/2 tank of fuel it has blue leds on the switches on the dashboard it also has a chrome back box just a reminder as this is a non runner it will need to be towed away or loaded on a low loader thanks for looking any questions please ask v5 present if interested in a part or as whole let me know thanks
  2. Ford Escort Modified What To Sell For?

    since posting this i have had a mechanic look at it and it is cost more to fix than i originally anticipated so i may just sell off the parts as i am now looking into a new car =(
  3. hi here i have my modified ford escort was originally a 1996 LX model has now been turned into a ghia gti mix, it has skirts and spats fitted two rear spoilers aftermarket front and back lights, 15" alloys with 3 week old tires and a spare alloy and Tyre for a spare and a space saver wheel nice new Sony CD player with USB etc wood effect dashboard blue led's in the switches it has Subaru vents fitted in the bonnet leather back seats and custom fitted bucket leather effect seats in the front it has mot and tax but after the mot it had problem starting and now been told by same mechanic that passed the mot 1 hour prior that the fuel pump needs replacing (i doubt it as it was working fine before lol ) i am looking to sell but im not sure for how much i just don't want to see my baby go for a silly price as I've spent 3 years modifying it