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  1. Heater Surround/gear Stick Surround.

    Yeah no hinge on our one, mate! yeah take the gear surround off first, just yank it off comes off with a firm pull, unscrew your knob (lol) and then get at the heater surround!
  2. Mk6 Fiesta 1.25 Engine Conversion

    Could always buy a 2.0l ST engine and throw a supercharger on it!
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Pre-Facelift Esp Switch

    That is gold, cheers mate thanks a lot for that! :)
  4. Heater Control Modifications

    Is this on your car? If so could you yank it out and check the P/N for me? If not, do you know the part number? Cheers!
  5. Wondering if anyone can help me here, I have a MK7 pre-facelift Fiesta Zetec S and have been looking to find the alternative 3 button 'ESP switches' for my car.. At the moment I have the ESP switch and two blanks, which is standard on the Zetec S. I've seen it once before if my memory serves me correctly it had an ESP button, a passenger airbag off light and a parking sensors de-activation switch (I may be wrong). I'm after this as I want to use the 2nd button to control something else I have planned for the car, without fitting an auxiliary switch and ruin the dash, really. Other than that, does anyone have any experience in converting the two blanks into usable switches and have them function in the same way as the ESP switch. Am I putting too much effort into this? Probably but I'd like to see if there's a solution to this in advanced to cutting my dash up to fit an auxiliary switch! :P Thanks in advance! :) EDIT: Found this on a Dutch website quoting the number "1,513,292" I doubt it's a part number but any ideas on a part number or alternative options?
  6. Heater Surround/gear Stick Surround.

    Judging by the fact yours is a 2011 aswell as mine, you have to first unclip the top part then sway it left to right like a loose tooth to get it to come loose, it's a good thing you bought the trim removal tools because the heater surround facia is a right !Removed! to come out! Helps using like 4 facia removing tools at once! :P
  7. Radiator Fan Not Activating.

    Does the temperature gauge rise when it's standing still? Get it up to temperature and leave it on your drive running and see if the temperature needle goes above half. If it does the fan should cut on. If it doesn't the fan's not working. I saw somewhere a guy had a similar problem with a Mk6 ST. Turned out to be the fan wasn't even plugged in. Try this and if it doesn't work get it checked or have a fiddle yourself :)
  8. Titanium-X Red Lights On Front Doors

    Should come on when you unlock the car and open the door, along with the light strip above the glovebox and around the cup holders in the center console. If not check your settings under the menu on your stereo and check the 'Ambient Lighting' is set to on. That's if you're bothered if they come on or not! If they do not come on get it checked by a garage. The ambient lights commonly have little niggles on the Mk7.5..
  9. Wheel Holder

    I saw on another Forum that someone had fitted a full size spare in the back of his ZS, mind you it was the 16" so I presume it can be done, but needs custom things done for you to be able to do so. In my eyes it's not really worth it :S
  10. Illuminated Scuff Plates Failure St

    My mate's had a few problems with his.. First the light above the glovebox went, shortly after he managed to fix it with a battery disconnect, both the scuffplates went.. his is a 13 plate..
  11. Headlights Creaking! Mk7 Facelift

    Thanks for your reply. Forgot about that magic white grease! Haha I'll give that a go Cheers!
  12. Hey guys, My mum's 2013 Fiesta Titanium headlights appear to creak when riding over bumps (a common thing around where I live!) After fiddling with the headlights for a good 30 minutes by pulling them out, putting them back in, making sure the the clip at the bottom of the headlight is correctly seated, the noise still exists! I've taken them in and out a good 5 times trying to get rid of the irritating noise but to no prevail. It sounds like the plastic of the unit itself is rubbing against the metal wings.. But there's no easy explanation (in my eyes) of why it's rubbing in the first place.. Here's a video of the noise; Does anyone else's do this? Perhaps it's been in a crash or something? I have no clue. Bought it from Arnold Clark.. So.. Haha Thanks in advance!
  13. Wingmirror Indicator Bulbs

    Aaahh.. That's what the Y was! Hahaha I presume 501A with the 'a' means amber.. Cheers for that haha didn't want to waste my precious £5 ;) Thanks again mate!
  14. Fiesta St500 Brake Disks

    Have you taken them off and looked for any part numbers or something of the such.? If they've got 'FoMoCo' on them they're Ford, but I assume you already know that :P
  15. Hey guys! I'm finally getting around to de-tangoing the Fez! Although I'm unsure of the wingmirror bulbs.. I've read that they're WY5W / 501A.. but would standard W5Ws / 501's fit? Thanks in advance :)