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  1. 2013 fiesta head light fixture screws

    Both really
  2. I am wanting to replace the screws for the headlamps on the car but I can’t find the replacement screws does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks in advanced
  3. Can anyone tell me what this part is called

    Thanks everyone the picture isn't my car just used it to show what I was wanting and I'll have a look for the part now :)
  4. Can anyone tell me what this part is called

    How do I get a replacement?
  5. Can anyone tell me what this part is called

    Here is an image to help haha
  6. Can anyone tell me what this part is called

    Near the right hand bonnet sleeper
  7. Does anyone know what this part is called as it has snapped off and need it replacing thankyou!
  8. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    So will everything else be the same apart from the engine itself e.g radiator fan etc it's just I am having to replace the front bumper and also the parts that the bumper are attached to but I think I have to take the radiator and fan off and some other parts to replace it that's all :)
  9. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    Does anyone know if they have released a Haynes manual for the current Ford Fiesta as I cannot find it anywhere online
  10. I also need to know how to fit these two parts
  11. I was wondering if anyone could help I had a little accident and the front bumper has cracked but also it has been distorted but it hasn't damaged the impact bar that I can see I believe it might be the brackets and not just the outer bumper does anyone know how to replace it all I want to do it myself rather than pay a garage to do it as it's £250+ for labour and then the parts on top I don't mind a challenge I just want to know roughly what to do and how to go about it it's a 2013 fiesta zetec ecoboost 1.0 petrol it's the current model thanks :)
  12. I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta Econetic Zetec 1.0L and I have noticed that after driving for a while you can hear a high pitch squeaking noise and I'm not sure what is causing it does anyone know what it could be as I have no idea? :)
  13. My insurance is £1100 with Tesco Box insurance it was the cheapest at the time for my 59 plate Fiesta Zetec. Will have to wait and see what the price will be come renewal time in September this year! :O
  14. Car Phone Holders

    Where have you managed to stick yours on your fiesta as I don't know where to put it! Haha
  15. Bonnet Wont Close Properly

    I have had this problem back in the summer of 2014 Basically all we did was grab some WD40 and spray all of the mechanism, springs etc and slammed the bonnet shut. It has been fine ever since don't waste money and time going to a ford garage only do it if all else fails! :)