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  1. Help Me

    Sorry clarification. Was the initial work carried out by the same garage. If so then you tell them to sort it out. There should be no extra expense on your part. If the original work was carried out by another contractor you take the vehicle back to him and he has to sort it. (this assumes he did actually replace the parts.) No matter, you paid for the work to be done on his advice, if the same symptoms are there its his responsibility. There should be no extra expense incurred by you. You are not the expert they are. The car was diagnosed and a solution put forward. You entered a contract when you paid for the work to proceed. Their part is to return your vehicle correctly fixed. The car is either fixed or you get a refund on your payment for breach of contract. If you are told another problem exists then they should sort this on either a goodwill gesture or you pay for the part and they fit it free, once they have proved to your satisfaction this work is necessary. If you took the garage or contractor to court they would lose. Regards MM
  2. Might Be Worth A Try

    Missed a bit! ACF50 is a corrosion inhibitor and also it states it can reverse minor corrosion too. This makes it great for protecting those small electrical connection etc. TTFN :-) MM
  3. Might Be Worth A Try

    Hello again. just thought I would pass this on. It may or may not be usefull. I have a motorcycle, 15 years old and in good condition. Every year I put it away for the winter. Before putting it to bed I clean and lub it up. Then I cover the bike ( not the brakes etc!!) with ACF50. As stated the bike is 15 years old and looks in better condition than some newer bikes. OK to the point - I make sure I coat all the electrical cables and connections. I have done this to my focus engine bay aswell, and in my ownership neither has had an electrical problem. OK I appreciate I could be lucky, but ACF50 is a water repellent. It is supposed to protect for a year, and I feel more confident with it than say WD40. I cannot guarantee that the ACF50 has worked but for a £10 tin it cannot hurt. With the car I just sprayed it liberally over most of the bay. Obviously concentrating on the electrical parts. The product is suppose to coat the items and form a seal. Any on the engine or hotter parts just burns off. However, it does still protect these areas. ( Note the spray does smoke a bit until it burns away, if you try it, well ventilated area required! :-) ) Prevention is sometimes better than a cure. hope this is useful. Regards MM
  4. Just Bought One

    I think the Fusion 1 is the starting point. fusion 2 added heated screen and aircon. fusion 3 added heated screen, aircon, alloy wheels and front spots. Regards MM
  5. Headlight Dulling

    Evening all. Had a look at the headlights on my car. As per the clio my wife had, the lenses have started to slightly dull. Cure - Solvol-Autosol metal polish. This is a light abrasive and cleans them right up.( If heavier dulling just add a green scrubber used to wash the dishes.) Once done, polish with ordinary car polish. regards MM PS, if on a budget, try a scubber with toothpolish. Seriously. lol
  6. Just Bought One

    Hello all :-) I have had several french cars and although ok was never convinced about them. Had an older Passat and cannot recommend highly enough. Solid and reliable. At 200,000 miles had to go. Always enjoyed fords. Find them very comfortable for driving position and reasonably priced for a decent car. Ran Mondeo's ( My Favourite car ) as Company vehicles as a rep for 50,000 miles a year and they always got me home. Vauxhall Carlton was a good car, again high milage meant it had to go. Mark 2 Vectra V6 was fun but compared to the Mondeo felt of less quality. Have recently changed jobs and needed a car. My company pay a petrol allowance. Needed something comfortable, reliable with reasonable runniing costs. Wife has a Focus Mk1 and its been great. I wanted an 05-11 version but could not get one with low milage for the money I had to spend. I do carry samples so the very small city cars were not an option. The Fiesta was an option but the boot was going to be tight. I came across the Fusion. Read all the reviews and found this car to be a grown up Fiesta. Fitted the bill perfectly. Bigger boot, decent running costs, Ford driving position and ofcourse that wonderfull heated front screen. I personally dont mind the looks, The car mags saying it was ugly and unloved. Maybe because of this it makes it more exclusive than your average Focus or Fiesta. I have the 1.6 petrol. Mags have said that these cars are slow. Well let me use there own benchmark against them..... focus 1.6 0-60 time is 11.4 sec, and the mags say this is ok. fusion 1.6 0-60 10.8 sec but this is slow. no doubt the tester had just got out of the Porsche he was previously testing straight into the Fusion. All the fusions I went to look at were well looked after. most had lower mileage. I picked a 2004 1.6 3 with all the goodies and only 41,000 miles on the clock. Generally the car is solid, well made. there is more noise in the cabin when driving compared to the focus, but not unduly so. Tyres make a bit more noise, and because of the more upright stance there is slightly more wind noise. Steering is very light. Wonderfull for parking. boot is large for size of car, seating postion is very comfortable and high. this is a boon as I have several calls a day and it makes entrance and exit a piece of cake. Dont know why I wrote all this as I am talking to the converted. enjoy your cars everyone. We have found that 'Diamond in the rough' MM
  7. Just Bought One

    Hello fellow Fusion owners. After much deliberation we have just bought a 2004 1.6 3. Very pleased with it. Read all the car reviews and as usual found 90% of it to be elitist rubbish. Owners reviews were much more helpfull. Look forward to discussing topics with all soon. Regards MM
  8. Headrests Plus 1

    Hi. Think you will find this is either n ordinary radio aerial or a DAB version. Regards MM