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  1. This thread probably won't be updated anymore. Not paying $399 a year to host pictures that have been free for the 10 years I've been using Photobucket. Don't have the time to transfer all the pics to a different hosting site. Forums are struggling enough without crap like this. This will finish a lot of forums off. :(
  2. Finally got a RS steering wheel boss at a sensible price. :D New bolts to OE spec. Quick coat of satin black. Steering wheel fitted. All mounted, looks loads better and the wheel is positioned better too. :D
  3. Not done much with the Escort lately, just driving and enjoying it. :D Few pics after a blast this morning. :D
  4. Wasn't happy with the paint on my headlights, so stripped them down and re-painted them. :D Before After Re-fitted Also got some new genuine fuel/brake pipe clips. Not fitted yet.
  5. Not the best start at 08:45 this morning, reversed out the garage. Thought, what's those wet spots that are quickly disappearing?......answer, petrol! :( One split fuel pipe, off the high pressure fuel pump, around the tank to the tube that runs to the front of the car. Replaced the pipe, checked for leaks and went for a long drive. All good again, and even stopped for some pics. :D
  6. Went out all morning in the Escort, around 50-60 miles. Drives, handles, grips and sits loads better. So well happy now. :D Picked up a new dash surround too, with coin holder, and just two button holes. As I don't have heated front screen, or electric mirrors. Trip computer only registers 0mpg, and beeps all the time. Before After Also refitted my steering wheel and boss, as previous owner had it fitted at 10 O clock position. Couple of pics of how it's sitting now.
  7. Got the Escort back this morning, handles really well. Loads better with the - 40mm springs.......then it decided to have a oil leak (don't think she likes being away lol). Just the engine oil pressure switch. So picked a new one up today, fitted, Topped up, ran up and tested. No leaks found, except my weepy sump gasket. :D By the looks of it, a 27 year old oil pressure switch. New one fitted, engine cleaned as best I could to check for leaks. Then a quick wash. :D
  8. MOT done and passed, failed first go. Washer jets were blocked, only thing I forgot to check. Probably because I hardly use them, as I keep the windows clean. :) Sitting better today too. :D
  9. It's a rolling project, had to get it running and driving correctly first. Mechanicals are my no1 priority, cosmetics will be done. It's only surface rust, car is solid and rot free. :D
  10. Brother sent me some photos today, H&R racing springs and new top mount kits fitted. Looks loads higher, but not too high. Pic was taken straight off the ramp, so will settle a bit. Once settled, I'll get the tracking done. :D Out with the old In with the new Back on the ground Will get some better pics once it's settled a bit. :D
  11. Cheers mate, does turn a few heads. And people stopping to ask me questions at Petrol stations, in car parks etc. :D
  12. At Ripon classic car show today. :) Drove really well, just can't wait to get the new springs fitted. So it's a bit more comfortable. :)
  13. Not really changed on the outside, only red bumper insert. Wheels are Ford (can't have smaller than 15's due to S2 RST front brake set up), spot lights are Ford accessories items, exhaust is small and subtle (2 1/4" rolled out tip). Exhaust is 2" bore, helps the XR3i efi engine breath better. It's been made so it's not loud either. :) That is really nice, but I like to use mine whatever the weather. :)
  14. Cheers mate. :D I've been thinking about a rear spoiler for a while, but been in two minds as I quite like it without one. :D
  15. Fitted a new head unit as I wanted Bluetooth because all my music is on my phone. So got a new Pioneer head unit, all works perfectly. Happy days. :D Also, new strut top mount kits have arrived. Just waiting for the H&R springs to arrive. :D
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