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  1. arnosvale

    Bristol Mechanic

    It is a LUK clutch full kit that he will fit and it does include the slave cylinder. The £90 I quoted was for a LUK. he said he would fit one I supplied, ie Cheaper, but not guarantee it. Seems fair enough. I have seen them for sale at £45 on ebay but not a genuine one. He says labour only would be £160
  2. arnosvale

    Bristol Mechanic

    I have found a very good mobile mechanic in Bristol. He changed my cambelt for £150 and replaced a T shaped pipe at the front of the engine while he was at it. He told me that the timing was out by one tooth on the exhaust camshaft and that my front brakes discs were badly worn. He took my car away and left me his till he came back as security. All round good lad. He has quoted me £279 for a genuine clutch kit, fitted, with a guarantee. I was thinking of having a go at the clutch myself but a genuine clutch kit is £91.92 on ebay.. How difficult is it? I do have a trolley jack and stands. Mind you the last gearbox I took out was on an Iveco 190/30 tractor unit in 1985!
  3. arnosvale

    1.6 Ghia Just Bought. Clutch And Trip Queries.

    Well so much for retro fitting a trip comp, there is no wiring loom. I read on a different thread that this was quite common on 2003 models. Typical. Still the old scan gauge does the job and in a lot more detail than the original Ford one. I tried to get the cover off the OBD port by the parcel shelf. Tight aren't they?
  4. arnosvale

    Ford Focus MK1 Buyer's Guide

    I wish I had read this before I bought mine. Still it's not too bad for the price I paid.
  5. arnosvale

    Ghia Trip Computer

    Thanks James, I will look out for a cheap one.
  6. arnosvale

    Ghia Trip Computer

    I seem to have the only mk1.5 Focus 1.6 Ghia(53 plate) without a trip comp. Maybe a previous owner sold it! It doesn't say it doesn't have one on the build spec. (Etis). If I got one from a scrapper it should just plug in if the wiring is there but if it doesn't have the requisite washer bottle temp sender( for exterior temp) could I just ignore it and would it work ok for the fuel figures etc?
  7. arnosvale

    I Hate Car Insurance

    A bit late to the post but I have just bought a 1.6 focus Ghia on a 53 plate. My prevoius car was an S type 3.0V6 Jaguar. I transfered my insurance to the new vehicle and it cost me £16 extra !!!!! Go and figure that one! Even the chap I spoke to at the insurance company was baffled by it but said that was the price. I am 67 and live in Bristol 4.
  8. arnosvale

    1.6 Ghia Just Bought. Clutch And Trip Queries.

    Been living with my Focus for a few days now and all the niggles are comong to light. I have not owned a car like this for some time and it has come as a bit of a shock to find out how much doesn't work. Apart from the clutch (289.00 quoted at Mr clutch all the indies want about the same) there is nothing else expensive wrong with it. Blower only works at pos 4 and no A/C, I have read up on this and will attempt to change the resistor pack myself along with the rear widow mechanism which seems to have come detatched from the glass. She drives very well with no cooling problems and the brakes are spot on.Everything else seems to work and a good clean with have her looking a lot better. Clutch? Do it myself (I was a truck mechanic years ago) and do the cambelt while I am at it? I think I still have an old pair of adjustables somewhere.
  9. arnosvale

    1.6 Ghia Just Bought. Clutch And Trip Queries.

    How much would you expect to pay fpor a cambelt/ water pump replacement?
  10. arnosvale

    1.6 Ghia Just Bought. Clutch And Trip Queries.

    Thanks James, I also thought they were standard too. It is definately a Ghia according to the vin number. It doesn't say it doesn't have one in the spec. The mystery deepens. i have read about retro fitting one but for the price I paid for the car I can't really be bothered and I do have an OBD reader which doubles as a trip comp. As for the clutch it isn't slipping yet but I might still take advantage of the good price. I am a bit more wary of the cambelt though!
  11. Just bought a 53 plate 1.6 Ghia for not much money as a run around. Apart from the fact that my knee nearly hits me under the chin when I let the clutch out before it bites she seems a rather nice drive. One owner from new who obviously lost interest in Ford service at about 50000 miles. It has been serviced though, last one last year. My last few cars have been automatics with big engines, yes there is a reason for this. Until recently I drove an HGV with a manual box and when you come back from eastern Europe or further and get into your car the last thing you want to do is to have to change gear, believe me! I take it that Focus clutches are not supposed to be like that. I have been quoted nearly £300 with a new slave cylinder for this, about right? My other query is ref the trip computer. Do all Ghia's have them or are they an option? Mine doesn't have one and it isn't mentioned along with the huge list of extras my car also doesn't have. (FordEtis vehicle summary.) Apart from that she seems OK and I was pleased to see that the engine bay had not been steam cleaned (to hide a thousand sins) She does seem to turn over reluctantly at first but fires up within a second. Is this normal or signs the battery is on the way out or the timing is iffy? I can't find any mention of a cam belt change in the service history. Also she does have the correct silver calcium battery fitted.
  12. arnosvale

    Ford Indie In Bristol

    Could someone please recommend a good cheap ford guy in Bristol. my usual garage have just quoted me nearly £500 for a cambelt and waterpump change. They want 4 hours labour to do the job at nearly £200 +Vat if I supply my own parts. This seems a bit steep to me. I can get a kit cheapish on Ebay.
  13. arnosvale

    Focus Dash Trick.

    Thanks v much.
  14. arnosvale

    Focus Dash Trick.

    I do have on OBD scanner which works very well. Where is the OBD port on my Focus?
  15. arnosvale

    2003 (53) 1.6 Ghia Equipment

    Thanks very much