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  1. Hi Guys & Girls, I have done a fair bit of searching for the answer to this, but to no avail. The nearside rear door on my S-max has a bit of an issue with locking. Sometimes it will lock and sometimes it wont. I have pulled the door card off and checked the cable from the button to the lock and lubricated it, but it seems to move freely. I have also had a look inside the door (as best I can without destroying the soundproofing cover), but can see what type of actuator it has. I assume the actuator is the problem and I'm hoping it's not going to be silly money to replace. I also have to replace another trailing arm due to the bush going again. Anyone had any experience of doing either of these? Cheers Ian
  2. Hi Guys, I have an 09 SMax and have recently restored a box trailer and fitted it with LED lights. When I indicate, the indicators flash too quickly indicating a fault with the indicators. I believe this is due to the low draw of the LED indicators and a fault common on some Fords and Landys. I have seen some options which should fix the problem, but nobody seems to know anything about them. I am looking to mount a cure inside the trailer, but the one I have come across most (a basic resistor) gets to 170 degrees C. I ave also come across some other options, but wouldlike some more info on them. Smartbox | LED Lighting | Lights, Reflectors & Electrical | Trailer Parts | Indespension http://www.ledautolamps-uk.com/en/products/i-ls-microprocessor Has anyone had the same problem and if so, how did you get over it? Thanks in advance. Ian
  3. Suffolk Newbie

    Hi All, I drive an SMax, live in Suffolk and have just joined to get some help on wiring issues, which I won't write about here so Admin don't slap my wrist. Look forward to joining in discussions. Ian