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  1. Intermittently Dead!

    Hi STEADS and thanks for your reply After returning home from a short erand this morning I left the car for awhile and when I went back to it to see if it would start it was dead. I tried as you suggested with a jump lead from the battery negative terminal to the engine block but no different. Its damned annoying as I know it will start again in several hours. Any other suggestions (anyone) I can't believe I'm the only one thats experienced this problem!!
  2. Intermittently Dead!

    Hi all, this about my Focus 2002 1.8 TDDI When I sometimes park up and return to the car a little while later it is dead when I try to start the car. Leave it several hours or even overnight and it starts first time. All the lights on the dash light up when I switch on the ignition, radio, headlights and electric windows work but when I try to start it there is not a click and as I mentioned, leave it for several hours or until the next day and it starts no problem. When it’s running, it runs perfectly. Does this sound like a starter motor problem or any other suggestions if it’s not please? Obviously something is happening when the engine gets warm… Thanks
  3. Regarding a 2002 Ford Focus TDDI LX 1753 cc Sometimes this car won’t start from the ignition, when you turn the key all the lights on dash light but that is it, no engaging of the starter motor, not a click, nothing. It bump starts fine but it won’t jump start from another vehicle. I took the car to Kwik Fit to do a test on the battery and to see if it was charging ok. They said the charging was ok but it showed that the battery was down a little and needed replacing, which I did, it’s now a brand new calcium battery (didn’t get it from Kwik Fit though). Yet I can go for a run, park up come back later and the damn thing won’t start, not a click. Obviously it wasn't the battery. Now what is strange is I can leave the car for several hours or overnight and the damn thing will start with the key. It is as though something is getting warm and when it is and you turn the ignition off it won’t start again until a part as cooled down for hours or has stood overnight. Anyone experienced this problem that can advise please? (I feel like doing a Basil Fawlty and beating the damn car with a branch) :D
  4. Car started ok first thing today so ran an errand then got back into car and it wouldn’t start, not a click yet all lights on dash lit. Thinking battery was flat I tried jump leads from another ford focus which ironically was parked at the side of me – still nothing, not even a click, so bump started it and it ran ok. Arrived home thinking the battery was flat so disconnected it and put it on the charger and found it was fully charged (the fully charged light lit up after about 30seconds). Reconnected battery and it started on the key ok. Does this sound like an intermittent starter motor fault or something more sinister? Car is a 2002 1.8 TDDI LX Estate
  5. Hi to you all. This pertains to a 2002 Focus 1.7 LX TD DI diesel estate. Every so often the car will not start, all lights show on dash but when you turn the ignition there is not even a click, absolutely zilch. Dash lights don’t dim, radio works, electric windows go up and down. I then charge the battery and every thing is good to go. Now this is what has me banging my head against the wall… I replaced the battery then drove 30 miles, parked the car up and when I came back it wouldn’t start, again not a click, nothing apart from all the lights showing on the dash so had to bump start it. Came back home turned ignition off then tried it again immediately and it started. I left it for an hour and it still started. Prior to changing the battery the car would start every day for a couple of weeks before doing nothing, hence recharging the battery and then finally changing it, but after today I suspect it is not the battery. I’m sure this is a common problem and most probably there are lots of possibilities as to rectifying the fault but I’d like to know please what you think is the most likely ones bear in mind that I am not a mechanic or auto electrician? I thank you in advance for your suggestions.