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  1. A/c Firewall

    I have a water sound in my dash board and got told to try and UN block the a/c pipe. If tried the collect thing up hill not sure what else to try any suggestion
  2. A/c Firewall

    Hi I'm trying to find the a/c pipe to unclogg it but been told to look be shine the firewall witch I have no idea What it is please he'll it's a 03 Ford feista
  3. Car Making Rumble Noice

  4. Car Making Rumble Noice

    When I drive over pot hole my car sound like it's going to fall apart I have noticed when I push the back wheel it's squeezed any idea
  5. Rattling Sound

    I think I've found the problem I put the seats down and the notice went I think it's the right hand backseat banging against the clip
  6. Rattling Sound

    Thanks guys
  7. Rattling Sound

    Any other iders
  8. Rattling Sound

    Say it's a knocking noise
  9. Rattling Sound

    :I would've sativa knockin notice more of a squeak and it's from the back but i have noticed the exhaust clip snapedl of if that's any good buddy
  10. Rattling Sound

    Ment wheel bearing
  11. Rattling Sound

    Hi when I go over bumpy roads it's sound like my car going to fall apart if checked all the shell bearings and there all good it just sounds so rattly over bumpy roads but fine on good roads any idea dose this sound nomal
  12. Help Sloshing Sound

  13. Help Sloshing Sound

    What's the top hose for the heater system buddy?
  14. Help Sloshing Sound

    Ok what do I need to do buddy
  15. Help Sloshing Sound

    How do I get air locks out buddy?