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  1. Hello All :)

    thank you, i know I'm gonna cry deffo! i love my car :( oh well !! onwards and upwards :D
  2. Hello All :)

    ^^^ that is AWESOME!!!!
  3. Hello All :)

    i have put it on a few sites so far, I've only just tried to sell it so its gonna take time ! but i do have so much interest! so thats a good thing of course! :)
  4. Hello All :)

    haha nope, I'm unique ha :P
  5. Hello All :)

    Hey! Yes I'm looking at the focus, the only thing with me is that i have a bit of an obsession with the colour yellow! so i think i will need a yellow car! :)
  6. Hello All :)

    Hey Guys! this time I'm looking for a newer car, one that won't wake up a newborn in approx 7 months time :D as the capri is pretty loud with its exhaust Ive been trying to sell or swap the classic but not had too much interest to be honest :S
  7. Newbie

  8. Hello All :)

    Hey all, I've just joined up to the forum, My names Emily, from Hampshire but work in london, so I'm always driving everywhere, love my ford, can't go wrong with Fords! well basically I'm really here to try and sell my ford, i have a capri, but now in about 9 months I'm gonna need a sensible car so needing to sell the capri to get a nice family car! not too sure what i want yet to be honest? need to sell the capri first then see whats about, any ideas? :)