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  1. Puddle Lights And Spacers

    Many Thanks for All the Replies.. Still Asking the Question.. Can You Get "Custom Design" Puddle Lights From a U.K Seller..? And Wheel Spacers In Black..? that you don't have to Paint Yourself..? Any Replies Welcome. Cheers.
  2. Puddle Lights And Spacers

    Thanks.. Everytime I search for Spacers.. Always comes Up Silver or Alloy in Colour.. Just Think a Silver Spacer Against a Black Alloy with Green Brakes Aint Going to Look Good.. Opinions Please..
  3. Puddle Lights And Spacers

    Many Thanks for Your Quick Reply..! Must Be Honest.. Hoping to Spend less than £30.. But Will Look Into Them. Cheers.
  4. Two Questions Really.. I was Thinking of Fitting Puddle / Projection Lights to My Doors. Would Like to get a Monster Claw Logo (without the Monster Energy Writing) like This.. Can Anyone Post a Link..? for either a Company or Ebay Seller in the UK that might Sell or Design this Logo..?? (would rather Boost the Economy of Our Island than China or USA.. every little Helps.!??) Also Thinking of Fitting Wheel Spacers.. Do not want to Paint Them... Can You Buy Them in "Black.!!"..? or even In Monster Green..? Many Thanks for Any Replies or Links..
  5. Smoked Led Rear Light Bulbs

    Many Thanks for All the Positive Feedback..!! Originally I had 15" 4-spoke Y design Alloys (IMO a Great Looking Small Rim..) & Lowered it with H&R 30mm springs. Before After Now with 17" Rims On.. Fills the Wheel Arch.. As For the Ride.. Firm But Fair.!! Avoiding So Many Pot Holes.. (Prone for Buckling..) Thanks for Asking..!!
  6. Smoked Led Rear Light Bulbs

    Many Thanks.. for the Replies.. It is a Shame Our Fiesta's donot have Rear Calipers Fitted as Standard.. But You Try.. Make the Best of What You've Got. I used Savage A256 Brake Caliper Paint 250ml - Green for the Calipers & Drums. just remove wheels, follow cleaning instructions and Paint what will be Seen..
  7. Smoked Led Rear Light Bulbs

    Just abit of an Update.. Smoked Rear Lights Fitted (photo's aint the Best). Also Fitted Black Metal 17" Alloys.. with DMB Green Monster Claw Wheel Centres.. Some Guys Hate Rear Drums Painted... (think it just Adds to the Look..?) Opinions Welcome.. Thanks.
  8. Smoked Led Rear Light Bulbs

    Many Thanks for the Replies, They were £145ish off Ebay. Fitted Today & Loving the Look.. Even the Other Half was Impressed..!! (will post Photo's asap) I have Never bought or fitted CREE Bulbs before.. But have heard they give off an excellent light.. Could Anyone Show or Link me to the One's I need for the Rear Indicators & Reversing Bulbs..? Cheers.
  9. Just Treated Myself to a pair of these... Should when Fitted Light Up like This.. I've Got Silver Indicator Bulbs Already. Can Anyone Tell Me.. Which LED Bulbs for the Indicators and Reversing Lights I Should Buy..? To Match the LED Look.. Many Thanks.
  10. "black" Wheel Nuts.

    Has Anyone Else Got any Ideas..?? I have received an Email from RareRims / Rota Wheels.. Their Coloured Wheel Nuts do Not Fit Ford Original Alloys. Surely Owners with a Fiesta Metal or Black Alloys are Not Happy with the Look of Silver Wheel Nuts..?!! ..or is that Just Me..? Any Help or Advice.? Many Thanks.!!
  11. "black" Wheel Nuts.

    Hey Everyone..!! Need Some Help.. I Would Like to buy a set of 12 "Black" Rustproof Wheel Nuts.. plus 4 Locking Nuts (with Key of course) also "Black". I have the 17" street pack alloys in Black & Think I remember the wheel nuts I should Buy have.. M12 x 1.5 Thread with a 60 degree taper..?? is this Correct..?? Not Sure what mm Hex Head or Length..?? Would These Work..? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2c672ff63d If Anyone Could Help.. Or Point Me to a Link of a Shop.. or Ebay.. Many Thanks..!! p.s Merry Christmas.
  12. My Rear Update

    Also I was Thinking of Maybe Using 3M ECE104 Reflective Tape as the Rear Reflectors..?? http://solutions.3m.co.uk/wps/portal/3M/en_GB/TrafficSafety/Systems/-/VehicleSafetyMarkings/ReflectiveTapes/ Can This Be Used.?? & How Much (Width & Length) to Be MOT Happy.. Many Thanks for the Advice.
  13. My Rear Update

    Many Thanks for All of Your Comments..!! I will post some Side & Front Pic's ASAP.. Rear Window is Factory Tinted. The Reverse & Brake Lights still shine Properly as the FlyEyeKit is MOT Compliant. As for the Fog Light Reflectors (Both sides are Working Fog Lights)..?? Yes.. You are Correct..!! Mr. MOT.. He said NO..!! But I do have a replacement Reflector to be Fitted.. & possibly FlyEyed..!!
  14. My Rear Update

    This is How My Zetec Looked From New.. & This is How I Roll Now.. Starting From the Top.. Zetec S Rear Spoiler with Mountune Extension Fins, Mirror Black 3rd Brake Light, De-Wiper with Rear Panel Filled & Colour Coded, Rear (Chrome) Tailgate Grab Handle Colour Coded, Monster M Rear Badge, Rear Lights FlyEyed, De-Badged, Stick On Number Plate (No Screws Showing), Mirror Black Rear Fog lights, Zetec S Rear Diffuser Colour Coded.... & Legally Parked.. Get Me.. I'm Loving the Look..? Opinions Please..?
  15. Flyeyeskit

    Top Work James.!! I To have the same flyeyeskit indoors.. waiting to go onto My Back Lights.. Nice to see How They Will LOOK... Can I suggest You also Do the Top 3rd Brake Light & Fog/Relectors..?? Lovin The Green Monster Decals... this is an Old pic Of How I "..Roll..?" (MY Tribute to Ken Block & VR46) Also Have These Front, Back & Wheel Centres to Go On... From DMB.. Can't Beat CHEAP..!! subtle Mod's...!!???