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  1. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    has pfl st mirrors aswell just awaiting to wire them in
  2. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    Now on st wheels
  3. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    bingo bobbydee
  4. Yeah mk2 and mk2.5 are exactly the same,
  5. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    Not a focus st one ;)
  6. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    nice, and no n9t a volvo spoiler the cat it's off is closer to home than you think :)
  7. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    spoiler now fitted :D anyone guess what it's from?
  8. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    Here she is :)
  9. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    I did the pod on my old focus mate
  10. Focus Tdci Estate Build

    How it started life
  11. Here we go again well the silver st rep I had died so I ended up braking it and getting a volvo s60, but after a while I decided I wanted a another focus and tgat I wanted a new challlange, do I bought this a 2008 focus style tdci estate it's one of the last pfl ever made being a 08 plate, the car was completely standerd when I bought it, I have since fitted st skirts st front bumper full st500 red leather recaros, mondeo zetec s wheels, tinted headlights tinted windows, facelift rear lights, titanium dash surrounds, I have a spoiler to go on aswell that's just been painted with the st bumper :D
  12. My Ford Focus Mk2 Tdci

    White smd heater controls and window switches
  13. My Ford Focus Mk2 Tdci

    front splitter now fitted
  14. Need to change the interior mate