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  1. "diesel Knock"

    Further Update: Engineer has just completed his diagnostic and assessment of the car and he said the cause is faulty injectors, so it looks like I'm going to get my car running the way it is supposed to
  2. "diesel Knock"

    Further Update: Finance Company are now in the process of getting an independent assessment on the car, which they say once the report is back they will act accordingly. Will update further when more news :)
  3. "diesel Knock"

    UPDATE: Took car back to the car people today, was there for over 2 hours for them to say that there is a problem, but needs more investigation, but because I don't have extended warranty, they will have to have meeting to discuss this, sdorry but enough is enough, have now left it in hands of finance company for now, will wait for outcome of that, if they do not get car fixed, Trading standards and legal action to follow. Will give other updates as to issue and decisions
  4. "diesel Knock"

    UPDATE * First of all thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post there replies, I have sent letter of complaint to the finance company stating the sale of goods act 1979 The Sale of Goods Act lays down several conditions that all vehicles sold by a trader to a consumer must meet. The vehicle must be: As Described This refers to any advert, paperwork, signage or verbal description made by you. Of Satisfactory Quality This covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial problems. It also means that products must last a reasonable time. But it doesn't give your customer any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out to them at point of sale. Fit for Purpose This covers not only the obvious purpose of a vehicle such as towing a caravan but also any purpose your customer queried and has been given assurances about. If you sell a vehicle to a customer that doesn't conform to the above conditions you are legally obliged to resolve the problem if they seek redress. The Act covers new and second-hand vehicles however if you sell to another trader under 'trade' terms, their only entitlement to a refund is if the vehicle isn't as described'. Because I made the car dealer aware of the said problems before 6 months, the finance company are investigating my complaint and are acting on my behalf. I will update again when I have more information. Thanks again for all the advice.
  5. "diesel Knock"

    Thanks for reply BOF So, it happens on every cold start, irrespective of whether it is after a pretty cold night, or a warmer morning? By 'while revving' presumably you mean 'while accelerating' rather than 'at high revs'? There is no problem at all until after the first half mile or so, then it just starts spluttering and knocking and continues throughout the day, I can leave car for a couple of hours, then when I start engine it immediately makes knocking sound and spluttering. ...warranting my fuel injectors for 12 month, because I had test done on injectors which cost £200... Someone suggested to me that it could be the injectors, so i had them tested.Different people have said it could be a number of things, but it would be costly as it's a case of elimination. Have just had full service and M.O.T. done, nothing ary there, use premium fuel all the time but to no avail (BP and shell) Have had fuel cleaner added no result.
  6. "diesel Knock"

    Thanks for reply, I have aready wrote to them (The Car people) and they replied with warranting my fuel injectors for 12 month, because I had test done on injectors which cost £200, which came back as ok, they informed me that the mondeo tdci 1.8 titanium x uses the transit connect engine, which is noisy as a matter of fact and because when they put the engine through diagnostics and nothing flags up, "they can't fix it if it's not broke scenario"
  7. Esp System Fault!

    My mate had this problem he had his turbo serviced and it fixed the issue
  8. I was informed by a ford technician not to use "supermarket fuel", run car nearly dry say to 20 miles left then put full tank of decent fuel in BP or Shell hope it works
  9. "diesel Knock"

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, I recently bought my Ford Mondeo 1.8 Diesel TDCi Titanium X 5dr. By the way it's the best car I have had and I've had a few, but everytime after travelling approx 1/2 mile from cold start, the engine starts to splutter slightly and knock as if the automatic choke stays on whilst revving you can hardly notice it but when staying at same speed, for example 20 mph in second or 30 mph in 3rd gear, as when in traffic it is very much more noticable. I have taken car back to dealer, they checked it over and said it is "diesel knock" which is acceptable because of age, mileage and general wear and tear and because the onboard computer is not recognising a fault they can't actually fix it. Car is on '59' plate 42,000 miles. Thanks in advance
  10. My New Titanium X Business Edition

    Hi fellow "Ian's" lol, my tit x has 18" alloys, front and rear parking sensors and "follow me home headlights", Full spec below CD PlayerCruise ControlAir ConditioningPower SteeringElectric WindowsFront and Rear Parking Sensors - Titanium xElectric Op and Folding Door MirrorsRemote Central LockingFront Centre Arm RestMulti Function Steering WheelAdjustable Steering ColumnISOFIX - Rear SeatsHeight Adj Drivers SeatHeated Front SeatsSplit Fold Rear SeatsBluetooth Telephone System18in Alloy Wheels - Titanium xDAB Radio
  11. Newbie Sam

  12. Hello All :)

    Here you go, a yelllow one