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  1. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    My 1975 MGB GT should qualify nicely then😀😀
  2. ianincheshire

    Sync 3 maps update

    All the instructions are detailed here https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ once you've downloaded any update. You will need a 32GB(or larger) Usb memory stick.
  3. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    You presume right. It's a Titanium so the 150ps is the only 1.5 petrol option. I preferred the spec of the Titanium as opposed to the St-Line at a similar price. I was also impressed with the space and finish of the Focus. Apart from the smaller boot the Focus is comparable in interior space to the Mondeo and the Titanium spec is almost the same. I did consider a Mini Clubman and had one on 48 hour test drive. It had too many niggles though, the worst being awful rear view. Took a 1.5 Focus estate for a test drive and it really impressed me. As for how I get on with mine, it's going to be a while before I can say. We're off to warmer climes shortly for a few weeks, so the Focus wont do many miles until April!
  4. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I find the ecoboost engine happier around the 2000 rpm mark, going down to 1500 (which would be 30 in 4th) doesn't feel right. Maybe it's me normally driving a Mondeo 2l 180bhp diesel!. In comparison to that the Ecoboost engine seems to lack torque at the low rpm. In the past I've always found the wife's Ecoboost Fiesta happier at the higher rpm. The company Mondeo is going back on Wednesday and I'm retiring (well almost) so we've replaced the Fiesta with the Focus as our only car, unless you count the 1975 MGB GT in the garage which only comes out on warm dry sunny days!
  5. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I suspect the problem isn't helped if you follow the suggested gear change indicator in the display. I noticed mine (albeit it's a 1.5) today at 30mph happily in third, just over 2000rpm, was recommending I should be in 5th!!!. Similarly at 40mph in 4th, was suggesting 6th, crazy!!! Driving to those suggested changes would certainly never get the GPF to temperature...
  6. ianincheshire

    VIN Number

    The Vin should be valid on ETIS as soon as the vehicle is built. Mine certainly was
  7. ianincheshire

    Deep sleep mode

    Ok , I've found a bit more info on 'deep sleep mode' here https://www.torquenews.com/3768/what-do-if-your-2017-ford-f-150-falls-deep-sleep-mode Seems it sends a message to the Ford Pass App as it goes to sleep, that's presumably what Andyr55 has seen. It does seem to be what I thought, it's the Connect system shutting down comms to preserve battery. This seems the relevant bit of the above link
  8. ianincheshire

    Deep sleep mode

    But if the vehicle has Ford connect then some of it must still be active. You can remotely get data such as tyre pressures and lock/ unlock doors from the Ford Pass App.
  9. ianincheshire

    Deep sleep mode

    Yes, that's about what happened to the Mondeo. That didn't have anything like Sync connect though. I suspect that part of the system may shut down MUCH earlier. Lets face it you don't want to keep an LTE modem and the sync system.ul for more than a few days because of the battery drain.
  10. ianincheshire

    Deep sleep mode

    It may be just Sync Connect that's gone to sleep, in which case using the remote to open the car and starting it should be all that's required. If the whole system has gone to sleep (I had that happen on my Mondeo) then you'll need to unlock with the manual key blade inside the key fob. Then I believe you put the key fob onto 'home position's pad in the front of the centre console to reactivate the key. Then you're good to go. I'll be interested to know how you get on because I'm about to leave mine for 6 weeks while we head to warmer climes for a 'winter break'
  11. ianincheshire

    Touch Handle Opening/Closing

    Hi, you mean 'keyless entry' . My 2016 Titanium certainly does and if yours has the grooved handles then I would think it does. You should have 2 passive keys with the car, when one of those is within about 5 feet of the door then it should allow opening/closing with the handle. Unlocking is by just gripping the handle (the sensor is on the inside of the grip) and pulling to open the door. Locking is by touching the grooved section of the handle, once to lock and again (within about 5 secs) to double lock.
  12. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I wonder if the GPF isn't passively regenerating as well as expected, due to the recent cold temperatures.
  13. ianincheshire

    Auto locking

    I don't believe that any European Spec Ford has auto locking enabled due to possible legal/responsibility issues. See this thread
  14. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    There's no way that a GPF should be giving problems with that sort of mileage!, it should be passively regenerating without any problem. My daily (well only 3 days a week for the last year!) drive is 25 miles on combination of rural A road, urban A road with traffic lights and a bit of motorway. I've had diesels with DPF for the last 8 years and not had any DPF issues(touch wood!). There's some underlying fault which is causing these cars to show problems and dealers/Ford need to get to the bottom of it rather than just glossing over it with a static regen
  15. ianincheshire

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    This link https://www.ford.co.uk/useful-information/contact-us gives a normal landline number and OPTION 4 for Technical