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  1. I appreciate that and, being an IT professional, I do understand the technical reason behind the map availability. Ford don't seem to be treating this problem with any urgency, or even acknowledging it exists as some people are being told, so I feel more people must complain to help get some action.
  2. But the product is sold as being updated to maintain up to date navigation. Ford should have sorted out the update mechanism BEFORE changing the hardware. They've now had, I would guess, nearly 9 months since the 1st vehicles with the new hardware came of the production line. How long does it take to sort out the update system?
  3. Not AFAIK , I'm sure some of the Ford customer service representative s live on a different planet where there are no problems with any Ford vehicles! Send it straight back to them, and request that it's raised as a formal case as there obviously IS a problem since our maps are not being updated. Point them at this forum if you like!. I've just got a reply to my formal case which says they've checked online and there is an update for my VIN? Yes there is, it's the update of the sync software (not maps) to 3.3.19052 which I've already done twice and confirmed the update by uploading the log file. Oh well, seems like another upload of the log file and a terse reply to the case manager is due...
  4. I had already complained, but have 'rattled their cage' again in light of the latest duplicate update...
  5. Well, today on my daily check on the Sync update site, it offered me another update!. When I looked at the file name it was the same as the previous 19052 update. Anyway I downloaded it again and checked the autoinstall.lst , the file sizes and dates in the archive. They were exactly the same, so I just uploaded the log file from my previous update to 19052. Now the site says I'm up to date again🙄 Someone at Ford needs to get a grip on the update system🤨
  6. I doubt the service dept will be open tomorrow, it's a BH
  7. Did the update without the engine on, just turned on the Sync unit manually with the On/Off button. Update seemed to work ok, took about 20 mins as indicated above. The About-> sync display now shows V3.3 Build 19052. It didn't initially, was just showing V 3 as someone else said, but after a few seconds it displayed the full build details. XML log file generated ok and uploaded to the Ford site. Lets wait and see if we get some map update now...
  8. I had an oddball recently with my windows after the car had been to the dealer for some 'updates'. The offside ones, both front and rear, wouldn't stay up when using the one-touch up, the only way to get it to stay up was to 'inch' it when close to the top. Using one-touch, when they got to the top, they would 'bounce-back' and go half-waydown again immediately!. Going through the normal reset procedure above didn't work. Eventually I found another procedure, you need to operate the one-touch up 3 times in succession immediately after its bounced-back. On the 3rd time going up it actually stops at the top correctly and the system now works properly. Seems like the system needs convincing that you really want the window to stay up!. My guess is that it was caused by an update to the Drivers Door Module(DDM) since it only affected the drivers side windows.
  9. @Comares2001 thanks for that. I wouldn't expect anything else, probably just minor bug fixes. Although I suspect that you would need to be on the latest build to get any map updates ( if and when they appear🙄 )
  10. As a matter of interest, how long does the 18351 to 19052 update take to run ? I was thinking of trying it without the engine on, just turning on the Sync system. On EU spec vehicles it's supposed to run for up to a hour before shutting off.
  11. First thing this morning the Sync update site was reporting , 'try again later'. As of about an hour ago Sync Version 3.3 Build 19052 is available for my VIN. Maybe this is a prelude to getting the F8 maps update. Now all I need to do is decide if I'm brave enough to run the update, as I'm off on holiday in a few days...
  12. Version 3.3 Build 19052 is available on the Sync update site as of this morning
  13. Version 3.3 Build 19052 is available on the Sync update site as of this morning
  14. or possibly the left-right mirror selector part of the switch. If it's stuck(electrically) in the centre position then neither mirror will move. Try moving it left to right and back a few times