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  1. My Mk5 Mondeo had the climate function available on the Sync 3 system. Voice control also worked but TBH it was easier just to turn the temp control knob!
  2. I think they're totally useless!. I didn't realise the Mondeo had them for about a year. I kept thinking I could see lights going on and off as I was driving out of the housing estate on dark mornings and wondering what was wrong? Eventually someone in the office mentioned cornering lights so I looked and sure enough, that's what it was. About as much use as a chocolate teapot! Unless, of course, you are the supplier of the bulbs, going on and off like that has got to lead to early failure...
  3. I'm sure on my previous car, a Mk5 Mondeo Titanium, the fog lights were used as cornering lights at low speed. I'm assuming that the Mk4 Focus does the same but TBH I haven't taken it out enough in the dark to notice yet.
  4. From looking at the Fordhacks site here https://www.fordhacks.com/community/index.php#c3 It seems to say that the map update is different for MY19 (which the Mk4 Focus is) & MY20 vehicles and therefore if that update is for MY18 vehicles then it could well cause some problems https://www.fordhacks.com/community/index.php?topic=19.0
  5. Ford Customer service really are hopeless. I've, eventually, got a reply to an email complaining about the lack of Sync updates and asking when the fiasco of invalid 0.0Mb updates is going to be fixed. Here's the gist of the reply Absolutely useless....
  6. According to the wife, mine only had one reversing light when I was backing out of a parking slot. Fairly typical Ford cost saving...
  7. Mine updated to 18351 a week or so ago and been getting the 'try again later' fro the maps update. Today the maps update is back to the 0.0mb download of the Interrogator package that's not valid!. Will perhaps try the 'real' interrogator package again, that does work!!
  8. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/owner-services/fordpass-connect-support-faqs
  9. Very likely correct, it adds £25-£50 to the manufacturing cost but when has cost had anything to do with what car manufacturers think they can get away with selling things for !!
  10. From my conversations with my dealer , they were in the dark about GPF's until one of their customers reported the fault. Nothing was mentioned at any of their product training! They also seem in the dark about the cleaning method. GPFs won't clean in the same driving conditions as DPFs. To clean the soot, you need temperature and oxygen. With a diesel there is plenty of O2 and all that"s needed is to get the exhaust up to temp. With a petrol , there is no problem getting the exhaust up to temp, it will normally run well hot enough, but under load conditions there is little O2. Passive regeneration of a GPF therefore normally happens during overrun conditions when there is no fuel and thus plenty of O2 to burn off the soot. When necessary, to enable active regeneration, the ECU is supposed to ***** the timing and weaken the mixture to increase the O2. The suggestion earlier that ambient temp may have an effect is possible. A reduction in ambient temp of say 10 Deg is not going to affect the running exhaust temp that much I would guess, but it's going to keep the mixture richer for longer on a cold start. So for short journeys it could well be a contributing factor to a reduction in passive regeneration periods.
  11. My 1975 MGB GT should qualify nicely then😀😀
  12. All the instructions are detailed here https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ once you've downloaded any update. You will need a 32GB(or larger) Usb memory stick.
  13. You presume right. It's a Titanium so the 150ps is the only 1.5 petrol option. I preferred the spec of the Titanium as opposed to the St-Line at a similar price. I was also impressed with the space and finish of the Focus. Apart from the smaller boot the Focus is comparable in interior space to the Mondeo and the Titanium spec is almost the same. I did consider a Mini Clubman and had one on 48 hour test drive. It had too many niggles though, the worst being awful rear view. Took a 1.5 Focus estate for a test drive and it really impressed me. As for how I get on with mine, it's going to be a while before I can say. We're off to warmer climes shortly for a few weeks, so the Focus wont do many miles until April!
  14. I find the ecoboost engine happier around the 2000 rpm mark, going down to 1500 (which would be 30 in 4th) doesn't feel right. Maybe it's me normally driving a Mondeo 2l 180bhp diesel!. In comparison to that the Ecoboost engine seems to lack torque at the low rpm. In the past I've always found the wife's Ecoboost Fiesta happier at the higher rpm. The company Mondeo is going back on Wednesday and I'm retiring (well almost) so we've replaced the Fiesta with the Focus as our only car, unless you count the 1975 MGB GT in the garage which only comes out on warm dry sunny days!
  15. I suspect the problem isn't helped if you follow the suggested gear change indicator in the display. I noticed mine (albeit it's a 1.5) today at 30mph happily in third, just over 2000rpm, was recommending I should be in 5th!!!. Similarly at 40mph in 4th, was suggesting 6th, crazy!!! Driving to those suggested changes would certainly never get the GPF to temperature...