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  1. In normal driving it's not bhp that makes the biggest difference it's Torque! The 1.5 develops 240nm against the 1.0 of 170 that's >40% more torque. As to fuel consumption, according to the brochure the 1.0 is 6.1 to 5.7 l/100km and the 1.5 6.3 to 6.1, so not a huge difference. I've not driven the 1.0 125 Focus, but my wife used to have a 1.0 100bhp Fiesta (which has similar torque figures) and my 1.5 Focus has a LOT more grunt. My 1.5 at 3000 miles, is currently showing 47.4 mpg (5.96 l/100km) average consumption on the trip (real life is probably slightly less) but I don't do a lot of urban driving. The other reason for getting the 1.5 was the multi-link rear suspension as opposed to the torsion bar BUT since Ford in their wisdom dropped the multi-link from all but the Vignale and the Estate, then that's not a consideration anymore...
  2. For information , If anyone wants to check a recent VIN on ETIS I believe the multi-link suspension shows as at least, that's what mine ( built 6/12/18 ) shows... I would assume that torsion bar is probably Level 1
  3. Actually, there's a mistake earlier, the original fitment was 205/60 , so you're right the rolling radius isn't much different , about 1%. It is on ETIS, I've just checked mine and it says 205/60. Well, I have it and it recognises the Mk4 but I've not tried to do anything yet. Was going to try and see if it's possible to enable 'auto high beam' at some point since I miss that from my previous Mondeo
  4. That could be a problem with insurance if you have an accident and the vehicle isn't fitted with the tyres as specified by the manufacturer. Also, there's a significant rolling circumference difference between 205/55 and 195/65 So I would guess the speedo calibration has been changed for the 195/65 fitment.
  5. I think were all aware that the delivered spec appears to have been changed. However, none of the official information mentions this! As to that, well the website specifically says 'Effective 1 July 2019'... so I would think Trading standards would have a field day... edit: as for those 195/65 tyres, they're going to be a right pain to replace, just checked the Kwikfit site and the only tyres in that size are T or R rated Van tyres!
  6. I would always advise getting the dealer to provide you with a printed copy of the brochure at the time. In this case, I'm sure if you asked the dealer about the spec , they'd just refer you to the brochure, as I don't think they have been advised on the spec changes either
  7. If I'd ordered a car recently, I'd be very upset about the two major changes being discussed here. i.e The replacement of the ML suspension with torsion beam and the change in tyre sizes. Having checked the latest online brochure, accessible from a screen which says 'Effective 1 July 2019' ( https://www.ford.co.uk/shop/research/brochure-download#overlay/content/overlays/download-a-brochure/new-focus ) neither of these changes is shown For tyres, even the Style and Zetec never had 195/65 tyres , apart from the 1.0 100ps petrol and the 1.5 95ps diesel. The brochure says for Style and Zetec The Titanium has only ever had 205/60 tyres As for the suspension, the brochure is pretty clear I think I'd be rejecting any car that didn't agree with the spec.
  8. How about an mobile phone ( with gaps ) running a speedo app. I've used Digihud on an old android phone, it even has a heads up display option.
  9. Mine was built on 6 Dec last year, dealer got the VIN the day before , I believe. It was delivered on 10 Jan but obviously there was Christmas and New Year in between for me!. I think it's typically 3 weeks from build date. AFAIK It leaves from Sarlouis, almost as soon as built, by rail to Rotterdam. Then to a holding compound in the UK by ship pretty quickly. It's then a bit variable as to how it moves by car transporter to the final destination, usually via one or more intermediate destinations. I suspect getting to NI is going to add a further little delay though...
  10. There was a thread here about service intervals The 1.5 diesel is 10k miles but the petrol's are variable servicing , up to 18k or 2 years OR when the service indicator says
  11. I've been travelling recently with a cool box plugged into the 12v socket. After a journey where I'd stopped a couple of times, which would have left the cool box running for up to an hour, I half noticed that the keyless entry wasn't working on anything other than the drivers door. I had expected start/stop to be probably non-functional, and it was, but hadn't twigged on the keyless entry until I saw this thread. After a reasonable journey without the cool box everything was back to normal, so it would seem that's it's sensitive to even a small drop in battery charge.
  12. I have to do that all the time. Ford don't use the correct 'relative path' format when they zip up the files, so whilst unzipping works in Windows, if you try it with Linux or a Mac then the unzip creates files with the full path names including SyncMyRide\. So, since I use Linux almost exclusively, I have to rename and move the files manually. The update works fine having done that though.
  13. Thanks for the help guys, I finally found it.😀 Seems you both were partially right. On my car there's a black plastic plate covering the top edge of the carpet which as @Tizer says, is clipped to the fusebox. Close inspection of the cover does show a Fuse symbol on it. You don't actually have to remove the felt at all, just unclip the cover plate and there's the fusebox.
  14. Thanks, never tried pulling back the carpet!. I expected it to be behind the felt panel held by the push clips.
  15. Has anyone found where this is ? The manual says below the Glove compartment. I've removed the clips and dropped the felt down but can't see any fuse box.